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Coronavirus Is Fake News

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Posted Today, 09:42 PM

Good for you for finally getting on board with Trump's fake news claim! But sadly you're too late to the party for a piece of the cake. Trump shot off his cakehole to Woodward by saying he knew it was deadly but he just didn't want to cause a panic!


Look Breeze, the Dems are praying for the virus stats to hold up until the election and the Repubs are praying for it to go away. After the election is 'will' go out of politics to a large extent and so that's the equivalent of it going away. We're adults Breeze and we can talk about these things. (that's not meant to include Thoth)


Were you wondering about the vaccination being ready before the election? If so don't wonder any longer. It will be ready sometime in October, date to be chosen by Trump's election team. We're grownups Breeze! 


And for Thoth, follow along with your finger. something useful for you to do would be to decide on who did 911.

Monty many of us knew way before Trump that the mainstream media is compromised and it is only there to push the agenda of the Powers That Be. When a real journalist actually comes along they are blocked and fired and their character assassinated. It don't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.