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Project Universe: Build your own scale universe


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I have been working with some experiments recently and in the process I found that one experiment is actually ALOT of fun! That is if you enjoy creating your own universe! With working gravity and functioning galaxies. B)



How to build your own function scale universe.




*1 glass cassarole dish or other type of large flat see-through container (to hold water and cooking oil).




*Cooking Oil - the thicker the better, the clearer the better.


*An eye dropper or equivelint device.



Directions to construction:


Place your Glass container on your work station.


Proceed to fill the container with cooking oil 1/2 full. (be careful not to shake the cooking oil or disturb it throughout the construction of the mini universe. As it will add to alot of waiting time and uncessary comets! and meteors :doh: )


Then Gently fill the Glass container with Cold water.


Let everything settle long enough untill there are virtually NO bubbles in the water or oil.


Place in the refrigerator to COOL all the fluids as much as you can. (this allows everything to live longer)


When you are ready to construct a universe remove the dish from the fridge carefully.


Get you eye dropper.


Drop small drops of water in your place of choice of the space. Lets call these little chunks of rocks or planets if you will. Scatter them around. if they do not sink try dropping the water dropplets pre-submerged in the oil.


The water dropplets will sink down in between the Oil layer and the water layer.


The interesting thing is that the dropplets are attracted to eachother, be it electrostatic forces, or gravity itself, that I really dont know. However it acts over very large distances like gravity!


So after you have placed some 100 or so dropplets all around the tray let it sit and watch the universe transform before your very EYES!!! galaxies will form at the center of some galaxies large objects will join into large stars with much more powerful sources of 'gravity' Then galaxies will begin to collide and obliverate eachother.


Once you get used to this you can mess around with it in anyway you want!!


One thing I have done is used a siringe and placed it right near the meeting point of the water and the oil. With proper ejection you can create a massive dropplet. A supermassive black hole! that will gobble up your universe.


Please enjoy, and use food coloring if you like to add different colored planets.


Notice that overtime many water dropplets will disintigrate back into the main water body source. But I find the colder you keep the liquids the longer everything will play out.


B) B) B) :D ;)

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