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The Hardest FreeCell Games


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I love the game. I am also playing it sequentially. Outside of 11982, I haven't found one I couldn't beat, and I am not so sure about it...I go at it a different way every so often, sometimes I get a lot further than I did before. Just to add some spice to the mix, I always look for an ace that is pinned under anything but a king, or the next lowest card that is the last card in one of the queques. Then I play the game so that the card covering that ace is the last one I move to one of the four rows, it works if it's a king but then one of my rows starts with a queen when I finish the game. In most games the cards that have already rolled up to the four suit spaces on the right when I finish a game ends up being seven, 3 aces, two 2s, and one three. Occasionally though I get 2 or 3 aces, or an ace and a few twos, pinned under a six or a jack or whatever. I've had as few as one card up there when I made the final move. Someday I'll get a game with all 4 aces pinned, then I will have four perfect runs from King to 2 when I make the last move. Keeps me from tearing through the games quite so fast. I played one game where I didn't have to move even a single card up above in a free cell to finish it. Wrote it down in a notebook somewhere, I'll post it when I come across it, and you'll have to give a try. If it wasn't for freecell I would never have discovered this site. It was fate I tell you...fate.

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