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MAGNESIUM reaction to WATER under a complete oxygen vaccum

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I am college (17) junior from Kansas and I am curious in all sorts of fields but I am currently a machinist who designs blueprints too. (I love engineering) I work at a place that has all sorts of machines that use tons of different types of processes. I had an idea with the vacuumed water and its heat transferring abilities. I want to know what happens when you put magnesium in a chamber with water that has no oxygen. I can engineer, machine, and build the design if anyone wants to help with ideas. Your safety is my priority! I was just curious and thought it would react interestingly.

If someone wants to take on this project please reply and I’d love to get in contact to hear all of the details!

Thanks!          Anonymous learner,

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Better ways of explaining my idea and ways I can help!
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Hello AnonymousLearner and welcome to our forum. I appreciate that you love engineering and you also have a curious mind. Unfortunately, the experiment you propose to try is doomed to fail for at least two reasons that I can think of:

1)     Liquid water cannot exist in a vacuum. It would immediately boil and change state into water vapor.

2)     Lack of oxygen would lower the reactivity of the magnesium to the point where it becomes inert; it would not react with the water even if liquid water could exist in the vacuum.

3)     A third, but possibly redundant, reason this experiment cannot work is the water vapor left in the vacuum chamber would be very cold and magnesium only reacts with hot water.

Don’t let this setback discourage you from thinking up other ideas. My only suggestion is that you do some research to see if your ideas have any chance of working.

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