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Inquiring about the feasibility of a simple device.

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Good morning, everyone! I'm reaching out to you all with a query. Here's the thing: when I was in high school, I was fascinated by the concept of "eternity". After pondering it for a while, I created the device I'm going to describe (note that at this time, I hadn’t yet been exposed to thermodynamics concepts). Fast forward to now, I unearthed this device once more whilst tidying up my notes. However, I can't seem to pinpoint the contradictions in the device and lack the capacity to adequately describe them. Currently, I have three conjectures in mind:
1.The force required for the small ball to escape the capillary tube fluid due to surface tension is much greater than the sum of buoyancy and magnetic force, regardless of the fluid type.
2.When the small ball has to enter the second hydrophobic fluid from the upper part of the capillar, no suitable fluid can be found that provides enough buoyancy to enable it into the upper layer of fluid.
3.Irrespective, whatever the duration of operation, the device will inevitably wear out to the point of malfunctioning.
I would genuine appreciate any insights from those who understand mechanics or fluid mechanics, feel free to voice out your theories, hypotheses or even rough calculations.

Here's a brief description of how it works:
The principle hinges on the unique characteristic of certain liquids, like water, to remain stagnant within a capillary that is open at both ends. Imagine a scenario where an object, having a lower overall density, intrudes the tube from its base (which is perpendicular to the floor). The buoyant force of the liquid contained within the tube allows the object to ascend, thus amplifying its vertical displacement from the ground, and consequently, its potential energy. As the object ascends and eventually surfaces out of the upper opening, it encounters a force aligned in a horizontal direction, which drives it out of the tube, initiating its descent, and a conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy. Upon reaching the bottom of the tube, the object is all set to enter the cycle once again.
Detailed attachment of the device follows:












Perpetual Demo___graph.jpg


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