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A thread for curious youngsters.


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Several years ago, there used to be a TV programme called Turning Point on the national TV channel called Doordarshan. In this programme a famous and Knowledgeable Indian scientist Professor YashPal used to answer queries from the young audience. Because of the limitation of time slot on a TV program he could at best answer only 2 or 3 queries in an episode. Therefore, it was later decided that the answers to the remaining questions can be sent by post. And believe me, the questions literally poured.


Young students are by nature very curious, only they often cannot find the proper source where to seek answers. On the Internet there are several sites like the mad scientist that cater to this need.


I have lately observed that several youngster often post new threads that can really come under a thread say Are you curious. Hypography has several knowledgeable people among its moderators and Editors who can offer reasonable answers to almost any question. I, myself have a long experience in this, I authored a serial feature in the Science Monthly Science Reporter for several years.


I suggest that Hypography may introduce such a subforum or a thread. I would have started one, but I really don't know which subforum should I put it in.


Any comments! :)

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But would it not be too much of a hodge podge?


Questions of random types arranged randomly, and if a particular question cannot get a fast answer, when shall the next question be put? Shall the questioner wait for the answer and perghaps eventually lose heart and forget it, or shall he put the question on top of the other, so that a mess follows?


Basically, I'm against making a linear kind of arrangement.


Perhaps separate subforums could be made in the main ones, titled 'ask hypography' or something of the sort.

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Might this be what you're proposing, Hallen? We might need to change te title somewhat, but if we leave it as is, people won't feel embarrassed to ask what they believe to be silly and/or stupid questions. I think a lot of lurkers here are afraid to ask about stuff they don't 'get', because it might be slightly intimidating...

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That's pretty cool, but I think there can be a seperate group of forums may be called Questions.


In this section there can be seperate threads, called question related to Biology; question related to Chemistry; question related to Geology; question related to Physics etc; Perhaps there can be a moderator/editor for each of these threads.


The only problem I see with the thread Stupid questions, is that some might not really like their questions be termed stupid. Then, as ronthenpon rightly observed there is a possibility of hodge podge, in case several questions are asked before someone attempts to answer any one!


Any way thanks lot to all for the prompt responses!



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It has been a long time since I have visited here and as such do not know what the quality of posts has been as of late. One problem I can see from "back in the day", way back when I was occasionally active, is that making the assumption that a valid answer would be posted is quite iffy. It would be hard to find any thread which did not contain many contradictory responses and claims. Few back with substantial factual support.


Any question posted might be just as likely to get a "Answwers in Genesis" nonsensical answer as from some knowledgable source. And both would be given the same level of authority by unknowing visitors. And they would often lean towards whatever supported their preconceived notions and reject what might be the more authoritive fact based replies.

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