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The most Powerful Dreams


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Tonight I slept with a bright light switched on and I saw a Dream. It was a very different Dream compared to the Dreams I see usually in the black dark Rooms when the light is switched Off.

It was so bright, light, purifying and consist no dark shades at all. Making me feel fresh and happy. I even think that some of the pleasure affecting hormones must have been present. 

How It is? Are Dreams different for old timers taking naps daytime at the bright room. 

There must have been studies made concerning Dreams, light, REM and so on? I havent use Google yet though.


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In the far North it is bright at nights in the summer too. Do they have then lighter and happier Dreams in the far north than in the darker South.

When it is totally dark room then Dreams are so dusky and difficult to visualizise in my opinion that they even leave a bad temper to a person. Or is my opinion made too quickly.  I only have one experience sleeping the light switched on. 

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