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I need some Random Facts

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I'm doing a Physics project on Projectile Motion. I need some fun/random/whatever facts about Projectile Motion that are school appropriate. I need about... Ten. Any you have would be terrific! Thanks! :eek:


Can do. How about how the stitching on a baseball affects it motion?



Similarly, why does a dimpled golf ball fly farther than a smooth one?



My two cents worth at any rate.:lol:

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A fun and random fact.


Projectile motion is only for the center of mass of a body, thus it is possible to make seemingly impossible kind of long jumps by holding heavy weights in the hands.


When in air (just after jumping the long jump) moving the weights properly allows yoyu to manipulate your center of mass, and lets you do weirdly long jumps.


I've tried this out with dumb bells, and I think that some ballerina(???) dance form (thingy) makes use of this effect in a particular move.

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The footprint of a hedghog looks almost identical to the finger print of a human.


The average person lives for about 2.2 billion seconds.


'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs' is contains all the letters in the alphabet. This 36 letter sentence is called a pangram. The shortest pangram, at just 31 letters, that actually forms a correct sentence is 'Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz'.


The largest bird in the world that can fly is the swan.


The biggest animal to have ever existed in the history of the planet is the blue whale.


A shark cage, frequently used as protection against great whites, will only stop a great white for about 3 seconds.


Just like humans and monkeys all shared a common ancestor, dophines and wolfs shared a common ancestor and whales and bears also shared a common ancestor.


The appendix is our only organ that is totally useless.


Cows fart 3 times their body volume every day.


The holy scriptures of the new testiment were written over 200 years after Jesus died. Not a single gospel writer ever met the man.

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