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Dual-variable polls


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Definitely one for the wish list, I think it would require a fair bit of hacking and playing round (if it is possible - perhaps with the new vB) but it would be really cool to have polls with more than one variable. Its best explained with an example: Take our "how many hours a day do you sleep" poll, it gives a indication of how long people sleep, but thats it. Since this is a science site there are only limited conclusions that can be drawn from such a poll. But if we where to also have an age option, we could see how much certain age groups sleep. Turning the little bar graphs into 2d plots.


Anyway its just an idea, but I think it would be a very cool and also unique tool to have ;)



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That would be quite a wicked awesome addition... I love the idea J.


The cynic in me though is already thinking of some of the riduculously stupid polls that might be offered. Garbage like a poll which indicates that 80% of Hypography milk drinkers also listen to Miles Davis and 16% of blondes have eaten Frosted Flakes... ;)


I do, however, really like the idea. :rant:

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