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Hello everybody


I would like to talk to you about the concept of being "Fried"


I was just having a nice little convorsation with one of our fellow members here at hypograhy, sir InfiniteNow.


A quarrel spawned out of ignorance, Which I will not get into, and he called me the term "Fried"




Being fried means that you have worked your brain down.


Way down.


It means you have taken so many psychedelics that your neurons have worn down and no longer spark.


Like joints. Say you flail your arms every other day for 12 hours a day.

in 10, 20, 30 years...


That joint is going to hurt, bad.

You're barely going to be able to move your arm.

Your joint, Fried.


Psychedelics make your brain work severely fast. That is why if you are one to have fun with them, you should only visit the spiritual world a few times a year.


With that said,

What do you think the experience is like from the observer from someone who is fried?


Zombie-like? Does it hurt to think?

Can one even think?


Are there any studies on "fried" people available somewhere on the internet that I havn't found that I could read?





I am nowhere near being fried, and never will be. I am too poor too afford being fried! Hah, and jeez-

That just isn't smart at all.

Exercise your brain, folks.

Exercise your dreams.

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Clearly this conversation would be better through PM, however, you've brought this into the public eye so I will defend myself in the public eye. I really do not feel I am ignorant. Sometimes I need more information, and thirsty for knowledge, but not ignorant.


To clarify the context... I closed a thread which I had started several months ago. I closed it because I felt the questions I asked were not being handled. The thread had been off topic for 6 pages so I decided to close it and I would ask my questions again in the future in other ways.


Orby neg repped me saying I clearly just didn't understand. I replied that it was my thread to close, and he sent a reply ranting about how it was MagnetMan's and his post and it was beautiful and I shouldn't have closed it.


I sent back link to the closed thread, saying to check out Post #1 again (it was my post), and said: "Wow, you are fried dude."



Now, back on topic of this thread...



It means you have taken so many psychedelics that your neurons have worn down and no longer spark.

There may be more accurate approaches to describe this. I think it's more that the connections fail. They "spark," but they are no longer properly connecting to the neurons around them. It's possible that they stop transmitting electrical impulses altogether and die, but there's likely more to it than that.



What do you think the experience is like from the observer from someone who is fried?

Well, my own experiences back when I was a daily pot smoker for several years were that I had a very difficult time remembering things, short attention span, and often drifted from topic to topic without engaging in much depth or multiple perspective observations. Everything was very topical, and emotional. That's not bad in and of itself, but I really didn't understand things from more than one view point. Of course, while on psychedelics, I sometimes delved super deep into a topic, but being sober again much of that "in the moment" experience I had was lost.


We had lots of fun, and I always felt connected to the earth and the people around me, but then I had to start surviving and making a living and supporting family and I grew up.


Thanks for sharing Orb. Interesting thread topic. :hihi:

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There's more to being fried than just being a daily pot smoker.


I know you know that, I'm just saying.


San fransico really creeped me out sometimes, though-


some people there, who I could tell were truly fried, just looked like Zombies!




Moderation, too much of a good thing!


I ay ay.

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Hi All .. its been awhile since my last post .. :)


Then this one caught my eyes .. Fried .. and I admit to having fried a few cells in the past .. actually in civilisations I think .. not only with Marijuana .. also with coke .. and speed .. and whatever else I've put down my throat .. never injected though .. and never tried heroin ..


Firstly .. I would like to state in definition .. Fried ..


The word Fried is .. Past tense .. and is often used to describe someone who is intoxicated .. or .. to have been cooked in hot fat or oil .. which can also be described as deep fried ..


Smoking meth or any other intoxicating drugs .. alters the brain's molecular structure .. the smoke is quickly absorbed through the lining of the lungs and into the bloodstream and delivery to the brain is instant ..


Fried .. is only one word in the realm of many that is used to describe something .. I can think of many more ..



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