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Genesis is coming...


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Look out - Genesis is coming back on September 8:




"On September 8th, a daylight fireball will streak across the western United States. It's Genesis, returning samples of the Sun to Earth."


An incredibly interesting project - can't wait to see some results. If any of you folks get to see it - or even take a photo - post here!

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Imagine how incredible science is at understanding the reality we live in. Being able to throw a hunk of metal milions of miles for almost 2.5 years, around the sun, and have it picked out of the sky by a helicopter (if all goes well!).


And it has samples of the Solar Wind inside of it!


Just how mind boggling is that?


And this going on at the same time as the Mars explorers are continuing to celebrate an extended life with results it will take us perhaps decades to fully understand!


Add to this Medical Science. Having just grown an entire replacement jawbone in the person himself thru stem cells.


You remember, that horrible Atheist based Secular religion of Science! And it's horrible faith based religion of Evolution! What do they know?

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Yes, you're right. But they expected to have about a hundred year's worth of research with what was contained in the sample box.


I don't blame anyone, these things will obviously happen (parachute didn't unfold, just like Mars Express) - I am just saddened by it because I really looked forward to it all.

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It seems there is still hope for the sample mission yet:


Genesis Scientists Bouncing Back From Hard Landing



"Scientists who conducted the preliminary assessment of the Genesis canister are encouraged by what they see. They believe it may be possible to achieve the most important portions of their science objectives."

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