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Human Epidermus Density


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im curious as to what the density of the human epidermus (sp?) is. anyone know? :doh:


By Density, do you mean thickness? or weight? or both?


The average sized adult has skin that weighs about 9 pounds! :hihi:


and with exception of the palms and soles of feet, it is roughly as dense/thick as a sheet of construction paper!


integuement is a nice fancy way of saying "to cover"

the epidermous consisits of stratified squamous epilithelium cells. ( oh..,,harken back to my electron microscope Biology days..:xx: :lol: :cup:)


The Epidermis has a "living" layer, and then the keratinized layer above.


If I repeated something you already know, then I may have been confused by what you want to know :Exclamati


Hope that helps (((tartanism))) Dude. :)

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