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Chat session?


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Several recent posts have implied a wish to get to know each other better.


I'm all for it. Some of us have been here for more than two years now, some are very new. Since we are spread all over the world (well, 90% US, but still) it's hard to meet for a beer down at the pub, so we need a virtual, er, pub.


I have two suggestions, and I am open for more:


1) We could schedule some chat sessions. There is a built in chat software in these forums which would enable members-only chats (I just need to weed out a few bugs, as usual). We could set a time for the first chat, and grab a cup of coffe and some cookies and chat for a while. We could turn this into a monthly event - I know other forums do this and it's quite fun. I could announce these chats in a monthly newsletter.


2) We could start a new group called "Hello" (or something) in which we present ourselves, and in which it is okay to talk about personal things. We could lock down this group so that it can be viewed by members only (could give people a reason to join, too).


As for other ideas to make this site more personal, I've had some suggestions from others: Display location under the avatar (ie, "Location: Oslo, Norway" for me) to show where we come from. Make a forum from page which lists active posters from the past 7 days, month, year, and with hot topics and rankings - just to show that we are an active bunch of people.


Just some ideas. Feel free to come up with more!



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I prefer an actual pub. If you fly us all to Oslo, I'll buy the first round. I've always wanted to see Scandinavia. Heck, you probably can't fit all that puzzle money in the bank anyway.


Seriously though, I like all of the ideas you've mentioned. I wish I could think of something else, but you've already covered alot. I'm anxious to see what develops.

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1) It seems we are getting to know each other in our various discussions.


2) I am out drinking all the time now! OK. not quite that bad.


3) I'd love to come visit your country, and neighbors, Tormod. When's the Cannibus Cup held? :-)


4) IRC, or on-line chat here? - schedule a time


5) I have a problem in giving too specific a location for myself. Even the amount already available on the site makes me nervous. I have, as it might come as no suprise to some, recieved threats of physical violence from various believers. And others have posted private information about me and myu children when they found they could not answer questions I pose to them.


6) A "Hello" site would seem redundant if there is enough room in the profile section for relevant info.

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Originally posted by: Freethinker



I have, as it might come as no suprise to some, recieved threats of physical violence from various believers. And others have posted private information about me and myu children when they found they could not answer questions I pose to them.



Strange how the first amendment serves their needs while proselytizing but goes out the window when they don't like what someone else has to say. Threats of violence, I guess the sixth commandment doesn't include "infidels"? It's all just so hypocritical.


Sorry Tormod, I know its off topic. It just seems very wrong that anyone should feel threatened by their location being disclosed. Having the members country posted under their name is something I'd like to see. I don't think more detail is necessary.

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I've had several requests for a "Location"-thingy under the avatar and am planning to add a field in the profile which the user can enter anything he/she likes. I understand FT's concern and privacy is fine. I am not asking for details.


These forums actually have a built-in chat thingy, written in Flash, but I can't seem to make it work (yeah, *another* thing in these forums that don't work - well I didn't write the code).


When I get it to work I'll post a notice and send out an e-mail and invite everyone in for a chat.


By the way - I am taking two weeks off starting Friday so you will all have to manage without me. I need some moderators to handle the warring factions here....



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I wanna come to Norway! The closest I've been is Amsterdam. Well, Amsterdam, and that Norwegian foreign exchange student in high school. I was pretty close to him. His name was Per, and he had eyes like the sea after a storm... oh yeah, back to the forum!!


Get to know you guys better? ARE YOU NUTS?


Seriously though, FreeT, I'm the same way about my privacy, but mostly because my husband contracts out to one of those gov't agencies you always complain about, and I know what you mean about being on a list. Having my state listed is more than I usally like, and that's because my generic e-mail is also included. Of course, that e-mail is from back before we got security concious, and it's a little disconcerting even now. I normally don't even use my real name ( i did for you guys though!).


It's been a while since I've been to a pub, and I'm not sure how my husband would feel about me hanging out in one without him, but it sounds like a blast! As fort he chats - just give me the times. I'm still getting used to Fedora, but new stuff is usually fun for me. Bring on IRC!!


But if it will help me get to Norway, I'll take at least six of those puzzle thingies, Tormod!

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Again, off topic, but...








My husband thinks the store is a combination between fascist and dictatorial, but I think the wee-p[lace is awesome. I can drop off my little people and shop in peace! I can eat sticky buns! I can roam through the aisles and see every possible combination of light and texture! OOOOOOOOOH, I think there MUST be an Ikea in Heaven!!! LOL

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