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*school is over*


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haha, today is the LAST DAY of this school year.


im feeling so happy, sosoosososo happy!!!!


freedom comes next after i finish all the finals!!! (arh~ gota study)



im feeling so....somthing.

after another year in the united states, i found that i really improved.

my english, my knowledge.... but still need to do a lot more for college!


and i changed a lot. my value of everything, my thoughts.....totally different from china...

if i came back to my old country (part of it....thx for you guys!) , it would be pretty weird...


i dont know whats this post about...and thats the reason i put it in watercooler....

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free time?

na, not for me.


b/c ive already have tooooo much free time. (and my mom would be mad at me for doing nothing)

i decide to help my math teacher teaching summer school....


(thats what college want me to do lol...)


actually, i would rather to have some summer courses...

too bad, they are way TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!

like 800 bucks for a math course!!! (no credit)


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Originally posted by: Uncle Martin



What are you planning to do with all of your free time? I recommend chasing young women, you can't go wrong there.


I find they can run so much faster than me now!


But I love to watch them as they move away..... :-) (as the guitar riff of Tom Petty's song "Here Comes My Girl", "Watch her walk..." plays in my brain)

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now it is summer time!

i just went out a saw the day after tomorrow yesterday...


and ive been sitting on sofa doing nothing for at least 6 hours during these days.....


and reading SAT books for a couple hours. (which i fell sleep most of the time after 10 mins of studying...)

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i'm 18. just finish school too. planning to study in US for electronics engineering. give me some tips for SAT I, II and choice of university. i got 1360 in recent mock SAT test. so what university would be good? i'm thinking about UI Urbana-champaign, stanford university and purdue.

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