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70K Challenge!


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Wow. You DIDN'T MAKE IT!!! I am surprised. You were, what, 70 short or so?


Now what do I do. :evil:

___Rats! I shouldn't have overslept. Actually, I couldn't get to sleep last night for 2 hours after I went to bed; just layed there with my mind racing. Prolly shoulda' got up & got back to it. :eek:

___What to do? Mmmmm.... consult the Tarot? :eek:

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The interesting thing to note here is that this very thread reached almost 150 posts...in one day. Amazing.


So...what should we do as a 100,000 post challenge, then? :eek:


___Not only that, but I noticed that the day(s) of the challenge we had more members visit than usual. Normally we have 40 to 50 or so in a day, & we had 87 that day. Strange I thought.

___I'll put on the thinking cap for 100,000 challenge. Hypography; changing the world one post at a time. :eek: Nice idea you had Tormod; you really stirred my juices! :evil:

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