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HI! You will have to talk to Tormod about becoming a contributer. I am one. A contributer just writes up Hypographies, reviews websites and stuff like that. Oh, btw, Tormod is going to be gone for about 1 1/2 more weeks, but you can talk to him then. He will post here. He would love to have you help. Oh, have you checked out the astronomy 101 hypography that I wrote?



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When you sign up, a message is sent to me and I will review your "application"...which basically means I'll just set up a contributor account for you.


You'll get access to a page from which you can submit links and create hypographies. There is no automatic publishing of articles yet, but I'm working on that. If you have articles you'd like to publish at Hypography just mail them to me for review.


Did you sign up already? I haven't received a notice yet. But, basically, as soon as you have signed up you can go to the front page and log in (At the bottom of the home page) which will take you to your contributor page. Then e-mail me with any specific questions you have. We are setting up a contributor's mailing list and working together to make this worthwhile for everyone, but it is summer and everybody is on vacation...


Hope this was of any help...feel free to ask.



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