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History of People not visualizing images

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 The term ''Aphantasia'' sounds like a condition and there shouldn't be a term for a normal and not unusual phenomenon, but the term didn't exist back then. Some people don't know where the phenomenon occurred, but it occurred all the way back in the stone age when the majority of cave people didn't visualize images. 100% of cave people weren't born with the ability to visualize images, The methods that they did were they imagine without visualizing. In Ancient times, People still didn't visualize images and people used stingrays on a person's head to change their brain function to visualize images, in the 1st to 18th AD centuries, People didn't find any things that makes them to visualize images, 100% of people didn't visualize images back in those centuries. In the 1800s, Francis Galton ran a test for people to visualize their breakfast, Most of them remembered their breakfast without visualizing, while others visualize their breakfast clearly.  During the 20th century, The whole majority of people didn't visualize images, but they tried various things that make them visualize, None of them worked and others had tried drugs that made me visualize. As of now, 100% of people don't visualize since a lot of people that were born in the late 20th century and early 21st century weren't born to visualize images, Various things that people that done like in the stone age were imagine without visualizing, mentally conceptualize images, etc. Overall, Many people have various ways of thinking but many people don't think by visualizing images.

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