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OK, well here I go I know as a fact but don't ask me how, the theory of the big bang is not quiet accurate. It is a combination of the big bang and multiverse theory.
Consider our universe and any other universe at the time of the big bang, it ringing like a bell, as a wave it is strong at first then tapers off as a ringing bell would when struck.
Our universe is positioned on the peak of a decaying wave at our point in time we are reaching the peak and to our observation the universe appears to be expanding but in reality e are observing the rise of a peak of a wave.
But every wave has an opposite side or polarity and this is known as anti-matter, the strength of anti-matter depend on the position on the wave.
This is just a small sample of what I have learnt.

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Welcome to our forum bitdaddy.

Unfortunately, your first post violates two rules:

1). Do not post your personal contact information. Feel free to discuss your ideas here, but don't draw people away from the site to discuss elsewhere.

2) Please do not refer to your personal theory as a fact. If you state something as a fact you need to back that up with a reference. Otherwise it is just your opinion, which you are welcome to express and discuss.

I hope you enjoy discussing your ideas here.

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