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Is 'ultra localized rain' a genuine phenomenon or a hoax?


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These four videos purport to show rain falling on one very specific spot (e.g. just a few metres wide). The location does not move during the videos.

Some of the news articles describe it as a rare phenomena called "ultra localized rain".





What's weird is the rain never moves laterally, which should be expected as clouds move with the wind. Is this a genuine phenomenon, or a hoax?

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"What's weird is the rain never moves laterally, which should be expected as clouds move with the wind. Is this a genuine phenomenon, or a hoax?"

This alone makes me suspect a hoax.

I have seen rain falling in my front yard, while none was falling in my back yard, but this didn't last long at all as the rain line moved with the wind, as you rightly point out.

People these days seem eager to believe almost anything they see on a YouTube video, no matter how ridiculous or illogical it may be.



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It is known that due to global warming, the average temperature on Earth over the past 100 years has increased by 1.2 degrees. At the same time, I heard that earlier the temperature of the Earth was 7 degrees higher than the current one.
I do not deny the danger of global warming, because I have seen mentions that not only the concentration of CO2 is important, but also the rate of its change (with the current rate, the ecosystems do not have time to react), and also that positive feedback can work now (the ocean, heating up, releases steam, which is also a greenhouse gas). But I would like to see these points explained in more detail.
I also heard that 500 million years ago the concentration of CO2 was 6000 ppm, and with this concentration, a man suffocates. Is that true?

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It's real. In 1972, in Mayaguez Puerto Rico, we were driving on the highway. It started raining only on the cars that were driving along the highway. We sped up to get out from underneath the rain cloud, but it would re materialize when we did the speed limit again. I remember that day was the most muggy, oppressive, and humid day I ever experienced. I think they have condensation of humidity above the cars. The car roofs probably cooled the air above the heated tarmac, condensing the moisture in the air into rain clouds. It's extremely rare. I'm no meteorologist, but I'm guessing this is what happened. Maybe a meteorologist can explain this?

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