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Hello everyone! I need your help!
The topic of my dissertation is "Pedagogical foundations for the use of visibility in the biological education of schoolchildren".  Does anyone know what is included in the pedagogical basis for the use of visibility in biology education? I know what visibility are, but I can't find information about the pedagogical basics for their use. Thanks in advance!

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These days I think you might consider going beyond “the pedagogical strength of visibility” and include all types of multimedia. The pedagogical basis for the use of multimedia, and in particular visibility, in education in general; can be summed up by the old expression that "a picture is worth a thousand words". The pedagogical basics for their use is that it uses the natural information processing abilities that we already possess as humans. Our eyes and ears, in conjunction with our brain, form a formidable system for transforming meaningless sense data into information.  Basically, our eyes are highly adapted by evolution to detecting and interpreting movement.

You may find this link helpful: https://et101thv-multimedia.weebly.com/uses-and-applications.html

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