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Evidence Of the Holocaust


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Your link just leads to even more links. People don’t really like to be directed to multiple links, especially with all the new computer viruses going around. If you want to make your point, it would be best to write out at least a summary of the evidence of the holocaust, then use some of your links to support your argument.

Personally, I have seen enough evidence of the holocaust to convince me that it happened. I have seen some convincing arguments against the number of Jews killed being 6 million, just based on population statistics and the number who fled from German territory. Maybe the number was less than 6 million, I don’t know, but whether it was 6 million or 1 million or somewhere in between, there was definitely a holocaust, you don’t need to convince me!

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4 hours ago, Viktor said:

My link contains too much information to all be written out. I used the links to save space. Your comment is useless.


If you had bothered to read my links, you would see the proof that 6 million were killed. Obviously, you are not really interested in the facts or evidence.

My comment was meant to be helpful. Nobody wants to dig through a maze of links to find the support for your argument.

Next time, write out a brief summary of your contention, and use the specific link that supports it, instead of a long list of links.

If you read my comment, you would see that I agree there was a holocaust, and even welcomed you to the forum.

I find your reaction to be strangely offensive. Maybe you need to look into your attitude. Just a suggestion.

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