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Which chemicals is used in RO plants?


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An RO plant is also known as a Reverse osmosis plant is where the reverse osmosis process took place. In simple words reverse osmosis is a process that purifies the water. To do that it forces water through the semipermeable membrane. Purified water can be used for different reasons. ROs are used in large numbers in the reclamation of dissolved minerals, water waste treatment, and desalination. The RO consumes a lot of electricity which is one of its mines points. To clean the water an RO plant uses different types of chemicals. Mainly ADWT-1125 and ADWT-1121L are used in purifying the water. The process of reverse osmosis takes place in two steps. In the first step, the water is pushed into the semipermeable membrane with the help of a high-pressure pump. In the 2nd step due to the high pressure, while passing through the semipermeable membrane, bacteria and other salt molecules get trapped and are then expelled by the reject stream.

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