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1 hour ago, JeffreysTubes8 said:

Anyway back on topic,

1. The wave-rider slips out of the baryonic universe. 

2. Due to this the crew occupies a centrifuge at the back of the ship while the front houses the then networked supercomputer that calculate the results of this input.

3. The new coordinates are sent back to the crew who modify the new input and sends it back to find the next output for the crew to tweak for the input after that. 

4. 🔁 until the ship needs to go back into the baryonic universe and refuel at the nearest star. If they happen to end up jumping back into the space equidistant from all galaxies in the area, they need to use a brief dark energy dump to get to the nearest star otherwise to conserve fuel they'd coast off ion impulsem

After a thousand generations spent outside the baryonic universe, they should have travelled far beyond the particle horizon. By this, the multi-generational crew, having passed down the sacred maths to their children, have caught the simulation up slightly past real time in the baryonic universe, buying their quantum computer that much time of fault-tolerance, to go further into the simulation and remain fault-tolerant. Then they go back to earth and, hopefully, share what they learned with their ancient ancestor's society. Let's say that happens in 2049. Then this future earth builds tons of these ships, and in let's say the year 2256 they go to 2002, or before that they send ship's to 1947.

This is the origin of the Chronovisor.


This is all interesting but what proof do you have that this actually works as you describe it? Don't get me wrong I would be very interested in any technology that allows viewing of the past but where is your evidence that it works as you say? I think it would be much more simple than you describe just making a device that calculates the universe at a point in time from some Theory Of Everything that accurately describes the universe at any point in time after conversion to a set of (X,Y,Z,t) Coordinates with matter states as the tangent space to the time space.

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