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“Another scandalous event of the outgoing week was the conference “54 Years: Israel Between Occupation and Apartheid” initiated by the Knesset members Mosi Raz (Meretz) and Aida-Tuma Suleiman (Joint List). It should be noted that attempts to hold such a conference in the Knesset with the participation of representatives of radical left organizations have been made for a long time, but each time they were resolutely rejected by ex-speaker Yuliy Edelstein (Likud). But the new speaker Mika Levi («Yesh Atid») gave permission without even thinking. «


A well-known representative of the anti-Israeli movement BDS, which aims to destroy the Jewish state by the means of economic sanctions, has been invited to participate in the conference. Previously, the entry of this figure to Israel was banned due to his hostile activity against the Jewish state, but the «government of changes» allowed the conference and participation of the BDS.


I won’t create a scandal, as did the KM Ben Gvir, who actually disrupted the conference «against apartheid». Let’s understand the issue objectively, without prejudice.


……… ..


So, the Meretz party and the United (anti-Zionist) list believe that during the 54 years of occupation of Palestine, Israel created an apartheid regime. Is it so?


Let’s start with the fact that 54 years ago there happened the Six-Day War. It was actually initiated by the USSR and the Arab League, with the connivance of the Western states and the UN. Two years earlier, in 1965, the Arab League states adopted a plan to destroy Israel by the means of war (at a conference in Casablanca). Only one Arab state (Tunisia) voted against the destruction of Israel.


For two years, with the active participation and funding of the USSR, the Arab armies were rearmed and prepared for this war. The violated rights of the Palestinian people served as a propaganda cover for the planned crime against humanity.


Over the past 54 years, everyone has already forgotten that in 1967 Israel was forced to occupy the Palestinian territories (in which there was no Palestinian state) in order to prevent the destruction of the Jewish state and the genocide of the people of Israel.


The most active part in this attempt to destroy Israel took the regimes of three Arab states neighboring with Israel: Nasser in Egypt, King Hussein in Jordan and Atassi in Syria. The USSR not only supplied the aggressors with a huge number of modern weapons, for free, but also trained the Arab military, helped to overcome mutual quarrels, and finally provided a pretext for war. Iraq and even Cuba, which was in the Soviet sphere of influence, sent contingents of their troops to Jordan and Syria, respectively.


The Palestinians supported this aggression with massive demonstrations.


As we know, as a result of a preemptive attack from the air and on land, the Israeli forces were able to defeat the superior forces of the Arab states.




In 1993, the government and people of Israel tried to resolve the dispute with the Palestinians peacefully, on the basis of mutual agreement. After the signing of the Oslo Accords, Israel gradually withdrew its troops from Gaza and from half of the West Bank.


The Palestinians took advantage of this retreat of our army to try again to destroy Israel, this time with their own forces. To this end, they organized the so-called «terror of Oslo», and in 2001 — the Intifada.


Yasser Arafat called on his newfound Western allies to bomb Israel the same way they bombed Serbia. The European Union quite frankly supported the armed terrorist aggression of Palestine and expressed solidarity with the «struggle of Palestine for its liberation.» This is how the world community cut off the possibility of reconciliation between us and the Palestinians. The peace process has been stopped to this day.


Palestinian leaders and most of the Palestinian people expected the Jews to fear war and terror against civilians and emigrate en masse, but their expectations were not met.


The Israeli army was forced to return to the West Bank and Gaza to stop Intifada aimed to murder as many Jewish civilians as possible. By twisting the arms of Israel, the West tried to help the Palestinians achieve their goal of destroying Israel. Only the renowned occupation of Palestine made possible the gradual suppression of Palestinian aggression and massive terror. Thus, the occupation of Palestine was renewed, despite the strong resistance of the armed Palestinian factions.


……… ..


The next attempt to placate the Palestinians was made in 2005. Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza unilaterally, without concluding a peace treaty or even a ceasefire. It turned out that the one-sided flight from Gaza, including the forcible eviction of Jewish settlers, inspired the Palestinian people to try again to destroy the Jewish state.


Immediately after the «disengagement», the Hamas party won a decisive victory in the elections in Palestine. It promised the Palestinian people not to be tempted by some kind of peace, but to completely destroy Israel. A year later, Hamas took full control of the Gaza Strip. Since 2006 to this day, Hamas has continuously fired at Israel in the hope that in this way it will force the Jews to leave their country.


It should be noted that the international community is actively promoting Palestinian attempts to destroy Israel. President Trump was the only politician on the planet who opposed attempts to perpetrate genocide against the people of Israel. But even this favorable chance for the conclusion of peace was lost because of both leading Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, flatly refused to accept Trump’s peace plan.

…………… ..


Thus, the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli army was imposed by the Palestinians themselves, who prevented the establishment of peace and forced us to defend ourselves, inter alia, through the occupation of Palestine.


Now let’s return from the past to the present. The Palestinians took Trump’s defeat in the elections as a signal for a new attack against Israel. With the prospect of Arab countries establishing peaceful relations with Israel and Israel’s Arabs cooperating with the «Zionist enemy,» the Palestinians launched a new combined attack against the Jewish state.


The enemy has been preparing this attack for a long time, building up its military potential in Gaza, as well as a network of agents inside Israel.


The pretexts for the planned attack changed three times within one month. At first, Hamas threatened to launch massive shelling of Israel due to the fact that Mahmoud Abbas cancelled the elections in the West Bank agreed with the American administration. However, such a pretext was too weak, it could not raise Israel’s Arabs to revolt and couldn’t provide international support for the Palestinian aggression.


Further, the Palestinians staged riots in the Jerusalem quarter of Sheikh Jarrah (Shimon HaTzadik). But this pretext was not enough for a general attack against Israel, too.


Therefore, the Palestinians settled on the third pretext. They claimed control over Jerusalem. The symbol of the Jewish presence in Jerusalem, the annual Jerusalem Day procession, was chosen by the Palestinians as an occasion to show that they are fighting against Israel not only for themselves, but for the entire Islamic world. And they succeeded.


In fact, Hamas tried to establish its control over the Temple Mount, a common shrine for Muslims, Jews and Christians, to ban the «flag march» and to remove the Israeli police from the Temple Mount. When Israel did not succumb to blackmail, Hamas opened massive rocket fire on Israel.


The Jerusalem controversy turned out to be strong enough to rouse Muslims in general, and Palestinian Muslims in particular. Hamas has achieved its greatest success inside Israel, where a significant part (but not most) of the Arabs took part in the attack on the Jews.


The Palestinian attack included massive shelling of Israeli cities and villages from Gaza, attacks on Jews in areas where Jews and Arabs live together, attacks on highways, and a general strike by the Arabs (in fact, this was not a strike, but a blockade imposed by the enemies on the peaceful majority of the Arab population).


This attack has not yet resulted in an immediate flight of Jews from Israel, although in the longer term this flight may occur, especially in view of the Iranian nuclear threat.




The occupation of Palestine by Israel, as we saw above, was imposed by the Palestinians. They call the resistance of the people of Israel “an Israeli apartheid.»


Attempting to destroy an independent Jewish state through war and terror is a more serious crime than the apartheid that we are usually accused of. Still, let’s see if apartheid really emerged as a result of our struggle for survival?


In fact, at the request of Palestine and anti-Semites who support the «Palestinian cause», the Jewish population of the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem is being persecuted and discriminated against by the UN, the European Union and a number of states. For example, the Irish parliament passed legislation to persecute Jewish settlers.


Skin color turned the motive for anti-Jewish apartheid in Palestine. We are told that we are European settlers who have conquered, subjugated or expelled the black aborigines, the Palestinians. Abu Mazen put forward a plan for the transfer of Ashkenazi Jews from Israel to Europe. At the same time, black Jews of Eastern origin will be allowed to remain in Israel as a minority. The independent state of Israel will be liquidated and become part of the Greater Palestine.


Hamas’s approach, unlike Fatah’s, is not racist. Hamas wants to destroy or expel us not because of our skin colour, but because we have the wrong belief: we are not Muslims, and most of us are atheists. Well, Muhammad did this in his time. He expelled and partially killed the Jews of Arabia, after which he forbade us to return to this country. In modern parlance, this is called ethnic cleansing based on ideology.


Abu Mazen’s demand to evict Jews from the West Bank is purely racist. Palestine requires the full transfer of the Jewish population from its territory. This is the very doing that Hitler called Judenrein, «pure from the Jews.» An independent Palestine must be racially virgin.


And at the same time, Israel granted equal civil and social rights to its rapidly growing Arab population, and even provided the Arabs with «compensatory discrimination», that is, privileges in educational institutions and at work, exemption from military service, and so on.


Most interestingly, Western advocates of race equality and multiculturalism support the racist Palestinian approach. This is the official policy of the leading European countries, of many corporations, European politicians and European officials.


Anti-Semites are imposing anti-Semitic apartheid on the Jews, and since we do not agree, they fire at us with rockets and try to expel us from the country. The UN has supported Hamas, not Israel, which is fighting against Palestinian aggression and apartheid.




Now let’s go back to Israel “within the 1967 borders”. As a result of the policy of «compensating discrimination», the Israeli government, which was led by Benjamin Netanyahu, achieved rapid development of the Arab sector. This applies to the economy, education, roads, and to a lesser extent utilities and urban services.


Against the background of the progress of most Arabs, the lagging behind the «scattered» Bedouins of the Negev and ultra-Orthodox Jews stands out. Underlying this lag is the lack of education of the youth in these sectors.


The crisis and unemployment associated with the pandemic have exacerbated discontent among the poorest of the Arab population.


Another factor of discontent is the propaganda of the Islamist imams on the subject of Jerusalem.


Finally, the criminal structures were able to subordinate the Arab population to their power. They imposed «taxes» on the Arab population. During the so-called strike, “someone” stopped the transport that brought Arab employees to their jobs.


Finally, the criminals led an angry crowd and fired firearms against unarmed Jews, and burned down synagogues, shops and hotels owned by Jews. There are all indications that Hamas is in control of criminal elements in Israel.


As we know, less than half of Israel’s Arabs exercised their right to vote in the last elections. On the other hand, for the first time in the history of Israel, an Arab Islamist party entered the ruling coalition. Until this historic moment, all Arab parties refused to «cooperate with the enemy.» They voted for the Oslo Treaty without being members of the ruling coalition. And today the Arab nationalists (Joint List), unlike the Islamists, refused to enter the government.


As a result of the successful actions of enemies within the «green line», the freedom of movement of Jews was restricted. We do not dare to return to Arab cities and villages. Yet not long-ago crowds of Jews arrived there, just as the Arabs visited Jewish cities in droves to work, have fun or receive medical treatment. However, I notice that the Arabs are just not afraid, they are returning to Jewish cities. I hope that the apartheid imposed by the enemies against the Jews will gradually dissipate, and life will return to normal.


……… ..

In light of all of the above, how should one view the policies of the listed above Israeli anti-Semitic parties, Meretz and the Joint List? Everything is pretty obvious. Raising the cry about «Israeli apartheid», designed mainly for foreign ears. These two parties strengthen anti-Semitic apartheid, incite hostility between Jews and Arabs.


It has now become obvious that the Jewish anti-Zionist party Meretz has brazenly deceived its voters. During four consecutive election campaigns, this party was silent about its political goals. They based their election platform on the protection of people with non-traditional sexual orientation.


But instead of trying to deliver on their campaign promises, their leaders began with an attack on the Jewish state. It seems that they are working off the money that the Meretz party received from sources unknown to the public. By all indications, this source is globalists.


As election polls have shown, only by deceiving non-traditional voters, the ultra-left (Meretz) was able to get into the Knesset. And now, under the screams of «Israeli apartheid», a real, anti-Semitic apartheid is being introduced in Israel.


BDS participates in the conference «against apartheid», while most of the US states have recognized it as an anti-Semitic organization and have banned its activities. But in the new, «changed» Israel, anti-Semitic apartheid is «in law.»


It also became known that the minister from the Meretz party, Tamar Zandberg, banned the construction of a powerful trans-Israeli oil pipeline, which was supposed to connect the Red and Mediterranean Seas bypassing the Suez Canal. This pipeline was supposed to dramatically increase the strategic importance of Israel and bring large revenues to the state treasury. Whatever the reason, this move by the ultra-left minister will deal a heavy blow to Israel’s peaceful relations with oil-exporting Arab countries.


We also note to ourselves that the Islamist party RAAM, which Netanyahu tried to attract to his failed government, did not participate in the anti-Semitic «conference». But those Arab parliamentarians who refused to take the oath to the State of Israel are taking part in the campaign. It turned out that the anti-Zionist party Meretz, which posed as LGBT representatives, betrayed those who voted for it and went over to the other side of the barricade.


Netanyahu is right, we must remove from power the government of «changed» swindlers and enemies, before it’s too late. They have already managed to change the former Jewish state of Israel, helped the enemies to introduce and intensify the split between Jews and Arabs.

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On 6/30/2021 at 6:43 AM, HouseKnight1 said:


In 1993, the government and people of Israel tried to resolve the dispute with the Palestinians peacefully, on the basis of mutual agreement. After the signing of the Oslo Accords, Israel gradually withdrew its troops from Gaza and from half of the West Bank.

The people who force apartheid are your and your extreme right wing buddies who have done everything possible to prevent peace including executing Yitzhac Rabin, the Israeli PM who introduced the Oslo Accords.



In 1992, Rabin was re-elected as prime minister on a platform embracing the Israeli–Palestinian peace process. He signed several historic agreements with the Palestinian leadership as part of the Oslo Accords. In 1994, Rabin won the Nobel Peace Prize together with long-time political rival Shimon Peres and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Rabin also signed a peace treaty with Jordan in 1994. In November 1995, he was assassinated by an extremist named Yigal Amir, who opposed the terms of the Oslo Accords.


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Rabin lost support of most Israelis because the Palestinians violated Oslo peace due to massive terror against israeli people. Those who enabled murder of Rabin took into consideration anticipated loss of elections a year later. And indeed, Rabin's successor and true author of Oslo, Peres, lost elections a year later. The circumstances of assasination were highly suspicious. I believe, that murder of Rabin inspired Yasser Arafat personally. Anyway, Netanyahu that won the elections didn't violate Olso terms. He even signed the last of Oslo aggreements with Yasser Arafat, Wye Plantation deal (1998). Just Rabin's successor Ehud Barak failed to proceed peace process, since Arafat undermined Camp David talks (2000) under auspicies of Bill Clinton. Now we know, that Arafat has made a decision to launch Intifada yet before 2000 talks.


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