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  1. Parliament should be the backbone of democracy. In fact, corruption has destroyed a democratic state, including parliament. Usually, revolutionaries like Lenin or Hitler propose to annihilate parliament because it is corrupt (defaced). Lenin dispersed the democratically elected Duma, and Hitler banned all parties except the Nazis, received 99% of the votes in the elections, and became the Fuhrer (leader). In other words, revolutionaries are like a doctor who chops off the head of a patient with a headache. In order to stop headache. I am the doctor who proposes to cure the patient,
  2. We are all witnesses: when Netanyahu had to solve our most difficult problem with the coronavirus, the opposition continued to try “revolution”, that is coup, to remove him from power. Gantz entered the government only to «supplant» Bibi and prevent him from saving us from the COVID. Right now, Gantz is sabotaging the purchase of the Pfizer vaccine, under the pretext that he desperately needs the office of Minister of Justice, in addition to the other two top positions that he already holds. This is blackmail: if Bibi does not allow him to cover up the bribed judges, th
  3. NATIONAL HERO OF PALESTINE https://unitedwithisrael.org/hitler-was-daring-how-the-palestinians-revere-the-nazis/ “at least two schools have posted pictures of Hitler accompanied with the text: “Hitler said: ‘I could have annihilated all of the Jews in the world, but I left a few so that you would know why I annihilated them.’” So, next to us and supposedly under our «occupation», the Palestinian authority is raising another generation of Nazis, who are being taught that their goal is to destroy the Jews in the same way that Hitler did. This is how the Pale
  4. THREE METHODS OF CONTROL AND THREE RULING CLASSES The society of humans is based actually on methods of controlling people. There are three principal methods: 1. Brutal violence or the threat of violence. 2. Material interest, and the threat of poverty, including hunger. 3. Suggestion, including preaching and conscience. Three methods of control mentioned above produced three ruling classes. 1. Control due to violence is the profession of bureaucracy, including army, police, law courts, etc. 2. Control due to material interest is the profession of reach people. 3. Control due to sug
  5. WASHINGTON — Senator Bernie Sanders criticized the Israeli government for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine in countries with which it has strengthened relations in recent years, before sending vaccines to Palestinians. “As an occupying power, Israel is responsible for the health of all people under its control,” Sanders wrote. «It’s outrageous that Netanyahu used spare vaccines to reward his foreign allies while so many Palestinians in the occupied territories are still waiting.» ………… .. Israeli officials reportedly sent a request last week to the Palestinian Authority and the
  6. I believe, that stopping of anti-Semitic interference will help peace with both Arab and Palestinians. I hope, that Biden will not return to the policies of pressuring Israel. Such policies only escalate the conflict.
  7. Palestinians were Hitler’s allies, specifically with the purpose to exterminate Jews of the Middle East. Hitler gave free hand to exterminate Jews and paid Palestinian leader Amin al Husseini (according to Amin’s diary). After WWII Husseini returned to be an indisputable leader of the Palestinian people. He tried genocide of the Jews with the help of Arab states and of the British empire. This time he failed, because of Israel’s unexpected victory. The only thing in which he succeeded was the Naqba of the Palestinians that Amin al Huseini called for. Not the Jews but Palestinians beh
  8. At the bottom line, Palestinians and Muslims were Hitler's aliies, specifically with the purpose to exterminate Jews of the Middle East. Hitler gave free hand to exterminate Jews and paid Palestinian leader Amin al Hisseini (according to Amin's diary). After WWII Husseini returned to be indisputable leader of the Palestinian people. He tried genocide of the Jews with the help of Arab states and British empire. This time he failed, because of Israel's victory. The only thing he succeeded was Naqba of the Palestinians that Amin al Huseini called for. Not the Jews but Palestinians behave in
  9. Israel recognized Palestine by signing Oslo accords. I'm witness, Israeli government under Rabin and people of Israel did all possible efforts to appease Palestinian neibors, despite of the massive bloody terror. The Palestinians rejected peace and continue to try destruction of Israel. Their efforts support all the antisemites of the planet Earth, from Iran ayatollahs to Europe, UN, Farrakhan and part of American democrats. Including Jewish globalist tycoons. The dispute is not over borders. The dispute is over Israel's existence. Most of Israeli people oppose withdrawal from the West Ba
  10. True, just Muslim conquerors supplanted Jews from Palestine/Land of Israel, for almost 1000 years. The same rulers settled Palestinians on the land that they made empty. The same rulers prevented Jews from re-settling in their land. So, the Zionism means restoration of justice. True, the Arabs continie to control 80% of original territory of Mandate of Palestine. Currently, overcrouded Israel holds control over 17-20% of Greater Palestine. Your accusations must be overturned. We Jews are the side that suffers terrorist and non-terrorist aggression. Not to mention attempts of re-newed geno
  11. In other words, montgomery seeks to proceed age-old conflict between Arabs and Jews. Probably, beeting Israel is progressive and democratic. No, it's anti-progressive and anti-democratic. Arabs have already learned this truth. Arabs establish peace with Israel to protect their states from your "progressive" imperialism, and from Iranian imperialism. American-Iranian treaty targeted Arabs more than Israel. I hope Biden won't renew Obama's anti-Arab policies.
  12. I had to discuss with anti-Semites many times. I should note that outright anti-Semitism of the old fashion manifests itself mainly in Russia and among Islamists. In the West, everything is more cultured: they are not anti-Semites, they just defend the offended Palestinians, and therefore they want to arrange genocide on the Jews. When I ask the question why it is necessary to protect just the Palestinians, and not the Jews of Israel, who are threatened with genocide by Ayatollahs and other Islamists (while Europe helps them), then in response I hear that the Zionists are invaders, Europe
  13. The seventy-year conflict between Jews and Arabs was laid by the British Empire, which acted with the goal of establishing and consolidating its dominance in the Middle East. The San Remo conference gave the mandate to Great Britain in exchange for a promise to fulfill the conditions listed in the declaration (letter) of Lord Balfour. These conditions were violated by the British Empire already in the 20s, not to mention the 30s and 40s. In 1948-49, the British Empire actually led the Arab aggression against Israel. The main military force that threatened Israel during
  14. "I will not be surprised to see the moment when the heirs of George Soros ask for asylum in Israel. He himself is too old, and the burden of his crimes is too heavy". Generally, Globalist interest is to "dissolve" nations and nation states. For the Jewish State, Globalists of Jewish origin seek to "dissolve" Israel from within, with the help of Jewish collaborators and of Palestinians. The "side effect" of their efforts is the raise of Palestinian nationalism and the Palestinian Nation State. An additional side effect may occur, too. Soros will be able to accomplish his father's goal: the ge
  15. COVID AND REVOLUTION The Israeli government announced that the situation on Israel’s COVID front had deteriorated sharply. To check how things are going, I looked at the changes that have taken place in the three and a half months since the release of the spring quarantine. The number of deaths from the COVID in Israel (as a percentage of the population) is still less than in Italy, Sweden, and the United States. At the same time, we have three times more deaths than Greece and Palestine. The situation looks much worse when we analyze the trends. Over the period under review, the number
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