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  1. The seventy-year conflict between Jews and Arabs was laid by the British Empire, which acted with the goal of establishing and consolidating its dominance in the Middle East. The San Remo conference gave the mandate to Great Britain in exchange for a promise to fulfill the conditions listed in the declaration (letter) of Lord Balfour. These conditions were violated by the British Empire already in the 20s, not to mention the 30s and 40s. In 1948-49, the British Empire actually led the Arab aggression against Israel. The main military force that threatened Israel during
  2. "I will not be surprised to see the moment when the heirs of George Soros ask for asylum in Israel. He himself is too old, and the burden of his crimes is too heavy". Generally, Globalist interest is to "dissolve" nations and nation states. For the Jewish State, Globalists of Jewish origin seek to "dissolve" Israel from within, with the help of Jewish collaborators and of Palestinians. The "side effect" of their efforts is the raise of Palestinian nationalism and the Palestinian Nation State. An additional side effect may occur, too. Soros will be able to accomplish his father's goal: the ge
  3. COVID AND REVOLUTION The Israeli government announced that the situation on Israel’s COVID front had deteriorated sharply. To check how things are going, I looked at the changes that have taken place in the three and a half months since the release of the spring quarantine. The number of deaths from the COVID in Israel (as a percentage of the population) is still less than in Italy, Sweden, and the United States. At the same time, we have three times more deaths than Greece and Palestine. The situation looks much worse when we analyze the trends. Over the period under review, the number
  4. PLS read historic truth: http://aaronblog.co/2020/03/ethnic-cleansing-of-palestine/ After the massacre that the Crusaders carried out on Palestinian Jews and Muslims, the Islamic rulers of Palestine have prohibited Jews from moving to the Holy Land. The exceptions were Salah ad-Din and Suleiman the Magnificent, the wisest and most successful of the Muslim rulers. Islamic opposition to Zionism is far from being a new phenomenon. It has been going on for a thousand years since the ancestors of the Palestinians settled in the country.
  5. Strangely, violent “demonstrators” protesting against police brutality and racial discrimination proclaimed as their hero not so much a police victim George Floyd as Palestine. What is common between them? Let's figure it out. Floyd was a typical poor African American, a loser, without a profession and a permanent job. Not successful in sports, not successful in rap, not graduated from college. He used drugs in the past and participated in at least one robbery. He served sentence, then recovered from drugs and stopped participating in the robberies. Having a formidable appearance and great
  6. In terms of international law, Israel has the right to annex the Jordan Valley. On what basis? UN Security Council resolution 242, adopted shortly after the Six-Day War, proclaimed Israel’s right to “safe and recognized borders.” Then, and even more so today, it is obvious that only the border along the Jordan River can become the «security border» of Israel. Why? For many decades, the border on the Jordan river was a military front, a place where the armies of the Arab states hostile to us concentrated their troops, conducted shelling, and terrorist attacks. Fortifications on this front exist
  7. I believe that the political conflict within Israel is a local manifestation of the global conflict between globalists and nationalists. World organizations and corporations like the United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, OPEC, some other international corporations, the organization of the Islamic Conference, the sponsors of the World Caliphate, the world swindler Soros, and all who are called globalists, are trying not only to subjugate national governments. They obviously act to eliminate nations as such, together with the nation states and their democracy, as is already happening in E
  8. In short, the "moderate" leaders of the Arab world, together with the "left" billionaires of the USA and Europe, are trying to throw Netanyahu and replace him with a more "convenient" politician, Lapid, who is hiding behind the mighty figure of Gantz. Our problem is that the “convenient” Jewish leaders will surrender us, agreeing to such conditions of the “peace” from which we will perish. The case of Oslo and Disengagement will repeat itself, now in the form of a final catastrophe. When opponents of Netanyahu (or of Likud) want to rely on anti-Semitic trolls just in order to come to power, th
  9. The identification of Nature and God is not a new philosophical concept. Who likes it, please believe in! Yes, nature needs to be protected. Likewise, it is necessary to protect people, their life and the continuation of life, children. Like the pandemics of 100, 200 or more years ago, the Corona could lead to the death of a significant part of humanity. How many will die, depends on all of us. I believe that nature and humanity are one integral system. Everything is interconnected. The «butterfly effect» does exist. Let’s remember that humankind can also be considered as an integral l
  10. Most of researchers think, that Jewish men are of MidEastern origin (80%). Women are largely of local (for example Italian) origin. Caucasian hypothesis is not confirmed by genetic studies, likewise Khazarian hypothesis. I suppose, that part of Ashkenazi came to Europe via Caucasus and Khazaria, but they were largely of MidEastern origin, too.
  11. Those going to replace Bibi are more corrupted. Lapid received from Milchan a lot of money "for politics". Probably, Milchan punishes Bibi since he disobeyed his demands. Regarding two other cases, whole Am Israel witnessed media attacks against his family members. Not surprisingly two thirds of Israeli Jews vote for Bibi against his rivals that use police to overthrow him. We disbelieve police. The cases against the premier-minister should investigate special team, like this of Trump impeachment investigations.
  12. CORONA OF GLOBALISATION After the Corona, the world will be different, but not the way globalists wanted to see it. The current pandemic is one of the negative consequences of excessive globalization. The uncontrolled relocation of a huge number of people spreads pandemics one after another. The Coronavirus differs from others only in its greater cruelty and insufficient means of saving lives. The elimination of national borders is good for globalists, for terrorists, and for pandemics. During and after the Corona, we will have to restore border control, to control tourism and business
  13. Ultimately, the entire more than a 70-year-old war of Arabs and other Muslims, the blockade and sanctions against Israel, aim to «cleanse» the Jews from Palestine, and prevent Zionism, that is, the immigration of Jews to Israel. Jewish ethnic cleansing measures include all wars against the Jewish state. Saddam Hussein launched massive rocket attacks on Israel in the midst of Big Aliyah, with the obvious goal of stopping the mass migration of ex-USSR Jews to Israel, yet before he finally leaves the stage of world politics. Like Saddam’s nuclear bomb, which was not there, but he was bluffing t
  14. Non-religious ideologies like Nazi, Bolshevik and Globalist, caused yet more wars, genocide and sufferings. This time, I agree with Marx: ideology is just a mask hiding actual purposes of the "revolutionaries". One of these revolutionaries was Marx himself. He was unsuccesful, impractical revolutionary. Like Macchiavelli that was unsuccesful politician, and therefore he teaches us politics.
  15. For several hudreds of years, Crimea tatars invaded Ukraine with the specific purpose, to capture Ukrainian women and to sell them to Turkey. One of these women even turned Sultan's wife. Tatars needn't Jewish brokers. Similarly, Arabs captured African blacks and sold them as the slaves. And, finally, 20% of the USA population are descendants of the African slaves. Hardly the Jews performed military attacs to capture slaves. Maximum, they participated the slave trade, just like they participated other trades, like silk from China. According to Arab sources, Radanites controlled the Great Silk
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