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Epstein's Island And The Corruption Of The Powerful

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We have all heard about Epstein's Island where some of the richest most influential politicians and businessmen on the planet had sex with underage women. I wanted to go deeper into the systemic issues with the people in politics in this thread. What drives a wealthy and powerful person to want to have sex with a child or do criminal acts? Do we just have a bunch of criminals in power on this planet that are no different than the mafia and sex trafficking rings of standard criminals? I am not saying that all politicians and businessmen are pedophiles however some of them most definitely had went to Epstein's Island to have sex with underage children this is not the fault of the justice system, Militaries, and government agencies of this planet however something that drives the powerful to do criminal acts. The Justice system I think should have a deeper investigation into the corruption and monstrous acts of this world's powerful, no man or woman should be able to just be allowed to do criminal acts because they are in a position of power, there needs to be policy and police against this sort of criminal. These people that do criminals acts while in power over millions and billions of people using their power over the masses to get away with some of the most monstrous acts in history, this just being one example Epstein's Island however there are literally hundreds and thousands of scandals dealing with the world's powerful such as Benghazi, Epstein's Island, and Etc. , the justice systems needs to do probes and follow up on these crimes just as they would with your standard citizen that committed such crimes.


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This, my friend, is a rabbit hole problem. Even if you could convict and punish all of the people in place now in the sex trafficking syndicates worldwide (and you would not BELIEVE just how far the corruption goes, just ask a few infamously assasinated diplomats, heads of state and multiple dozens of investigators and journalists who tried and died), they would all be replaced within a matter of HOURS. 

To be honest, if people actually knew, the fabric of society would break down overnight and after the fires were put out and the casualties counted, guess who would still be in charge, now larger-than-life? 

Now, capturing and punishing a few per year keeps most people believing that the drug dealer down the street is the worst thing about society. But some knowledge is so profound, so terrible that it has the power to destabilize the world in less time than it takes for my tomatoes to turn red on the kitchen window ledge. 

LOOK, I am not disagreeing with the fact that we would ALL like to see the evils of this world get obliterated. But Epstein was a part of something so deep and dark that to expose it would lead to a domino effect. I suppose we may still be headed that way but OOOOOPS..... Did I forget? How exactly IS the investigation going? how long until Miss Maxwell is finally "suicided"?

I rest my case. 😉

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