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Jewish Geneaology (rejected)

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I have no idea what you mean by that!  I have never heard of "modern science" and "history" (I don't know what the "unity" means here) rejecting anyone's 'genealogy'.  Are you referring to the lists of Kings in the old testaments?   I would not consider those "genealogy".

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Apparently in almost all. Jews were considered Semites, but for example the Ashkenazi, at best, are Semites only by their mother.
The most interesting thing is that, apparently, the Ashkenazim descend from the Scythians. Real historical and etymological facts just speak about it. The Scythian country of Ishkuz is the most likely ancestral home of the Ashkenazi, their ancient ethnonyms are ašguza, Σκύθης, 'škwz
This can explain that they have a widespread Y-chromosome r1a, especially among levits

As for the "official history", it is mainly taken from Abrahamic mythology, and does not fit even with conventional science.

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