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Drug comparison: Likelihood of injury from dangerous behavior


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Dear Intellects of the internet,

I would like to compare the likelihood of injury or death from dangerous behavior when a drug is taken without supervision, specifically between these four drugs - alcohol, sleeping pills (in general), LSD, and Psilocybin.

Note that only harm from dangerous behavior is considered, and not death from chemical toxicity.
Note that harm to self and harm to others are both considered.

I can't find proper answers on the internet as this comparison is quite specific.
I would like to seek help from anybody who have insight or are good at researching or getting this data.

I only want unbiased data sets that are large enough for the conclusions to be considered reasonably reliable.

Thank you.

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For each of those four drugs listed above, I also want to know how likely it is for people to take it without supervision if they are capable of attaining the drug for themselves.

These comparisons are quite unusual since supervision is typically part of scientific studies, but if anyone sufficient data to make such comparisons please do mention.

Many thanks!

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