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The seventy-year conflict between Jews and Arabs was laid by the British Empire, which acted with the goal of establishing and consolidating its dominance in the Middle East.


The San Remo conference gave the mandate to Great Britain in exchange for a promise to fulfill the conditions listed in the declaration (letter) of Lord Balfour. These conditions were violated by the British Empire already in the 20s, not to mention the 30s and 40s.


In 1948-49, the British Empire actually led the Arab aggression against Israel. The main military force that threatened Israel during this period was the so-called Arab Legion, which nominally obeyed the King of Jordan, but in fact received salaries, weapons, soldiers, and officers from the British Empire. The British Glubb commanded the legion. Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan were British satellites. These states received funding and weapons from the UK. Syria and Lebanon remained in the French sphere of influence.


In the Middle East, these weakening colonial empires worked together. Together they returned the war criminal Amin al Husseini to Palestine and put him in charge of the Palestinians. The British helped Amin eliminate his main political rivals, the Nashashibi clan, who advocate peace with the Jews. In order to finally block the path to peace, Amin, with the support of Great Britain, initiated the Nakba, that is, the mass exodus of the Palestinians. Perhaps Ben Gurion was not against such a solution to the Palestinian problem, although he did not show his intentions.


The flight of the Palestinians forced the Arab governments to engage in a war against Israel against their will. Egypt decided to go to war five days before May 15th. It was Great Britain, with the help of its protégé Amin al Husseini, who organized the first war for the destruction of Israel. Just 7 years later, Khrushchev supported Nasser in his campaign against Great Britain and Israel. That’s when Ben Gurion entered into a deal with the British and lost.


As for Stalin, he provided effective military assistance to Israel at the most critical moment. Of course, not because of altruism, but in order to substitute a leg for Great Britain. He proved to the Arabs that they cannot achieve their goals with help from Great Britain. Nasser made a logical conclusion and at the right moment challenged the old colonial rulers, relying on the USSR and the USA.


It is no coincidence that I described in detail the political alignment during the birth of Israel. The Arabs fell into the trap of the “Palestinian problem”, which was created and supported by external forces seeking to subjugate the Arabs.


All contenders for domination over the Middle East: the USSR, the USA, Europe, Islamists of all sorts, including the Iranian ayatollahs, fought among themselves for the advantage in the exploitation of the “Palestinian cause” to subdue and suppress Arab nationalism. The globalists have formed an alliance with the Islamists against Arab nationalists and Israel. Obama’s pact with the Ayatollahs became the “lubricant” that eased the inevitable friction between our enemies.


Today, the Palestine Cause has become the banner of globalists who compete with each other but together strive to remove the Jewish state from the face of the planet. Their typical method of eliminating nation-states is through the Orange Revolutions. In the “Arab Spring” organized by the globalists, a number of Arab states were destroyed (Libya, Syria, Yemen), and all the rest were weakened.


Today, the Arabs are trying to finally get rid of the yoke of the ideology of “Palestinianism” that their enemies imposed on them. Israel and the Arabs are natural allies in the struggle for the independence and very existence of our nation-states.


Israeli revolutionaries, fueled by tycoon money, are shattering the Jewish state from within. Attempts to overthrow the democratic system in Israel resulted in a two-year campaign to overthrow Netanyahu. Essentially, the goal of the Israeli revolutionaries, like the goal of the globalists, is to disrupt peace and alliance between Israel and the Arabs.


For the first time in US history, Trump proved that by supporting Israel, he did not worsen, but improved the attitude of Arabs towards the United States. Whoever wins the upcoming U.S. elections, what Trump did in the Middle East cannot be reversed. But in order to continue the process of historic reconciliation with the Arabs, we need a stable right-wing government. “Revolution” in Israel is bad for the people and for the state.


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In the final analysis the Israeli apartheid regime can't be politically spun to make it appear to be acceptable to people of decency. l

It's insignificant compared to the scale of Trump's attempts to destroy America's democracy as he promotes the long expected turn to fascism in America.

There's new hope coming as the US marginalizes itself from the rest of the world. China and Russia are working together to uphold their interests in Iran and that's making it impossible for the US  to move militarily against Iran. Another significant factor is that if a war is started by the US against Iran, the jew apartheid regime will be turned into a smoldering ruin.

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In other words, montgomery seeks to proceed age-old conflict between Arabs and Jews. Probably, beeting Israel is progressive and democratic. No, it's anti-progressive and anti-democratic. Arabs have already learned this truth. Arabs establish peace with Israel to protect their states from your "progressive" imperialism, and from Iranian imperialism. American-Iranian treaty targeted Arabs more than Israel. I hope Biden won't renew Obama's anti-Arab policies.


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