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Purifying Sollution


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Thanx for your reply! Seems as you missunderstood though. Its not distilled Walter i want. Its the salt, either alone or with the water. What i want to get rid of are the other impurities such as oils, hormones, bacteria etc. And its quite diffucult to try to crystallize the salt directly in the fluid to separate the salt. It gets quite unpure and Cloudy. Would like to have the salty liquids as pure as possible from the start. Hope i managed to clarify

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sounds like you want membrane filtration or centrifugal sedimentation for 'big' particulates or oils.

Then distillation (above post) to separate your salts. Note that you can use vacuum pumps like a refrigerator system to get the same kinda separation by varying boiling point and temperature for precipitation.

edit: Just to clarify, that's the easy way to do it in your garage with low volume.
High volume industrial has it's own specialized versions.

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It would require a huge quantity of tears to use this method! :cray:


I think a small centrifuge combined with membrane filtration would  leave only water with the dissolved salt.


To get the salt residue just let the water dry.


Would that work? This is not my field of expertise.

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