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Hydrogen Bonding and the Life Force


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Electrons are very important to all of chemistry and is the basis for the covalent bonding that holds long chain molecules like DNA and proteins together. But the weak secondary bonding called hydrogen bonding is what gives life to these long chain molecules. Hydrogen bonding organizing them into the molecular configurations that are needed to express the living state, e.q. DNA double helix. Without hydrogen bonding the cell would become a chunky soup of random long and short chain molecules. But add hydrogen bonding, presto; one gets a living cell. Hydrogen bonding is the chemical basis for life force.


Note: Hydrogen bonding is the secondary bond displayed by hydrogen when hydrogen is covalently bonded to any atom more electronegative than itself, i.e., O,N,C, etc.

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Hydrogen bonding is the chemical basis for life force.



Chirality is the chemical basis for life force,


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and that is also a load of rubbish as a claim. "Life force" is phlogiston wearing short pants.

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I agree that life force is a mystical claim. I used it to create an intuitive connection. One can have chirality, but without hydrogen bonding all you get is a mess. You would not even have liquid water that has no dependancy on chirality. Hydrogen bonding adds the order that is the living state. The chirality or not without hydrogen bonding, would lead to the same random soup.

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