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Not sure why you would celebrate St. Patrick's Day if your not a Christian. Here is a little history of St. Patrick. He helped take away many of Irelands original beliefs and much of Europe.


At the time when England was under the rule of pagan Anglo-Saxon kings, the neighboring island of Ireland was being converted to Christianity. According to tradition, it was St Patrick who brought Christianity to the Irish. Although the dates of St Patrick’s life are uncertain, it is generally agreed that he was carrying out his missionary work in Ireland during the 5 th century AD.


St Patrick was born in Britain, and belonged to a Romanized family. At the age of 16, he was captured by Irish raiders, and sold into slavery in Ireland. He spent the next six years of his life as a herdsman. Eventually , St Patrick succeeded in escaping, and returned to his family in Britain.


After he returned home, the saint had a dream, in which he was given a letter entitled ‘The Voice of the Irish’ by one Victoricus. As St Patrick read the letter, he heard the Irish imploring him to walk once more amongst them, which he took as a sign that God wanted him to preach to the Irish.


Thus, St Patrick responded to this call, though only after a long time, since the shortcomings of his education made him hesitant about it. He returned to Ireland, and converted the population to Christianity. As will be seen later on, the Christianization of Ireland would play a role in the conversion of Anglo-Saxon England.


The Pope’s Plan for England

During the 590s AD, the pope, St Gregory I, made plans to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. Bede provides a colorful tale regarding the pope’s decision to send missionaries to England.


According to this story, St Gregory (prior to becoming pope) was once in the marketplace of Rome looking at the goods that were on sale. He saw some boys with fair complexions and handsome faces being put up for sale, and asked where they were from. The merchant answered that they were from Britain, whose inhabitants all had that pleasant appearance. The future pope then enquired whether the people of Britain were Christians, or if they were still heathens. Upon hearing that they were not Christians, St Gregory sighed deeply, and said “alas that the author of darkness should have men so bright of face in his grip, and that minds devoid of inward grace should bear so graceful an outward form.” St Gregory then asked about the name of the race, the kingdom, and its king, and received “Angli”, “Deiri” and “Aelle” in reply.



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Did you know that the only commercially mine-able gold deposit in Ireland lies under Croagh Patrick (Mount St Patrick)?



Croagh Patrick comes from the Irish Cruach Phádraig meaning "(Saint) Patrick's stack". It is known locally as "the Reek", a Hiberno-English word for a "rick" or "stack".[3] In pagan times it was known as Cruachán Aigle or Cruach Aigle, being mentioned by that name in sources such as Cath Maige Tuired,[4]Buile Shuibhne,[5]The Metrical Dindshenchas,[6] and the Annals of Ulster entry for the year 1113.[7]Cruachán is simply a diminutive of cruach "stack", but it is not certain what Aigle means. It is either from the Latin loan aquila "eagle" (more usually aicile or acaile)[8] or a person's name.


A seam of gold was discovered in the mountain in the 1980s: overall grades of 14 grams of gold per tonne (0.45 oz gold per ton) in at least 12 quartz veins, which could produce 700,000 tonnes (770,000 short tons) of ore — potentially over 300,000 troy oz of gold (worth over €360m). However, due to local resistance by the Mayo Environmental Group headed by Paddy Hopkins, the Mayo County Council decided not to allow mining.[20]


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Did you know that the only commercially mine-able gold deposit in Ireland lies under Croagh Patrick (Mount St Patrick)?



I guess Croagh Patrick is hoarding gold just like the Vatican. :lol:


I didn't know. That is interesting. I am surprised nobody has tried to sneak in there and get that gold including a Leprechaun. :lol:

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