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How Does Exogenous Recombination Work?


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How in the world does exogenous recombination (cellular transformation) work? Nothing I've read seems to specify how it happens.

It can happen in various ways, any method that makes foreign DNA get included into a cell will transform the cell. Generally, I use Viral Vectors("Expression Vector") however one could use any number of methods to insert foreign DNA into the cell.

Read this link for more details = https://www2.le.ac.uk/projects/vgec/highereducation/topics/recombinanttechniques



Here is a flow diagram for exogenous recombination using Vectors.



Also there are techniques like protoplast fusion which can fuse the DNA of two or more living cells together chemically. Link = https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-81784-7_13


Flow Diagram for Protoplast fusion by Polyethylene Gycol(PEG)



That's how I created this Plant/Fungus/Bacteria organism was via Protoplast fusion between 45 different species of organisms, which I named "Metamorphic Gel"




This is what happened when I then merged a Human T-cell(White Blood Cell) with the Metamorphic Gel making T-Cell Metamorphic Gel 46 using protoplast fusion.




 So, basically there are many ways to do exogenous recombination just depends on which method you are comfortable with using.

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