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  1. Reported once again. In your desperation and embarrassment, you only exacerbate your problem. The more one makes you out to be the unstable loser that you are, the more you go and prove it yourself. I would tell you that you have my pity, but frankly you don't deserve it.
  2. Gee, I can't possibly imagine their motive for that. The fact that you find it to be something to brag about, flawlessly displays the irony of your self-perceived sanity is almost as intense as your lack thereof.
  3. Your discourteous little tirade there has been reported. At first I thought you were simply ignorant and petty; an angsty teenager, perhaps. But in your arrogance you've revealed yourself to be self-righteous and manipulative. Quite frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. If your ready to contribute to scientific discussion on this science forum, than my ears are open. Until then, if snide disrespect and self-centered manipulation is all you have to say to me, then I have nothing left to say to you except to act your age.
  4. The truth is, the mainstream media is a friend of the people fervently dedicated to the facts. It's not their fault you don't see that and think that they are extremists when they are actually pursuing the truth in all avenues. They have been reporting for a long time, and those biased towards distrusting the media may think that the people uncovering and reporting the truth are extremists. The fact is all the distrust towards the media is nothing but a big conspiracy theory, and if you can't see that, that isn't my fault at all. If your logic, when reversed, is equally as true (which is
  5. With the vastly different volume densities of different materials, from air, to water, to diamond; there should be no difference should these discrepancies be alleviated? Elaborate. Disregarding my lack of understanding of whatever lingo you're using here: How amusing, your talent of obstinacy is as nauseating as ever; enough so to pollute completely unrelated topics with your pigheaded calumny. If you've got some issue with me, take it to PMs. Leave the science threads for science.
  6. Even if that is correct, it was wise of you to choose the word "report" and not "observe". Maybe there is still some sense in that noggin.
  7. If all the matter on earth were reassembled uniformly so as to possess a (virtually) perfectly smooth surface (with densities changing as is necessary for the planet's stability, but otherwise also uniform), how would the size and volume change? Furthermore, how apparent would the curve of the planet's surface be from an average human's perspective? Additional thought experiment: What is the farthest distance two points on the surface of the sphere could be from each other, before two average humans holding two ends of a long cellulose fiber rope located on these points would not be ab
  8. Holy Mackerel, what have I missed. Honestly, a part of me is glad I missed it. Perhaps the "tail" was no property of Mars itself, as might be indicated by its change in length and orientation, but rather of some phenomenon between us and Mars. On the other hand, perhaps the length and orientation of the 'tail" only changed from our perspective, specifically because of the direction in which the magnetotail has turned. What are the thoughts on this? I suggest you research a little something called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Perhaps at that point the ratio
  9. If the story of the senile old couple you posted just before is the evidence of which you speak. Unfortunately I cannot read the story (it requires a subscription, for which I do not have the means of paying), therefore I cannot prove you wrong. Unless you can provide me with an alternative source for this information, one that does not require payment.
  10. When I said you might be more like Thoth than you'd like to admit, I didn't imagine it would be this accurate. Very well, what is this "evidence" you feel so strongly about?
  11. Listen, man, I don't like drama. But on the occasion that you also don't like drama and aren't actively looking for it, I must inform you: At first it seemed you simply didn't know a thing you were talking about. But you appear to have gone off the deep end just now.
  12. I was indeed confused after seeing that. Can't say it's happened to me as of yet, but perhaps I'm simply lucky.
  13. I don't intend to make you, though I do suspect that you've simply realized you don't know what you're talking about and are attempting to cover it up with underhanded denigration. I'm fully aware of this, hence having asked the original question.
  14. Perhaps we're looking at two different grades of metal, or perhaps one of us are colorblind. Either way, I have indeed observed polished metallic elements of all kinds, from silicon, to chromium, even osmium at one point (Osmium has a very peculiar reaction when polished. Can you tell me what that reaction is?). Polished nickel is pale, almost white in appearance when polished. Steel, silver, and elemental silicon, when polished, are substantially darker shades of gray. Aluminum, chromium, and silicon carbide, when polished, have the mirror effect aforementioned. Not because they don't ha
  15. Nickel also would not work, it is too pale. Steel and silver have the opposite problem.
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