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  1. Even if that is correct, it was wise of you to choose the word "report" and not "observe". Maybe there is still some sense in that noggin.
  2. If all the matter on earth were reassembled uniformly so as to possess a (virtually) perfectly smooth surface (with densities changing as is necessary for the planet's stability, but otherwise also uniform), how would the size and volume change? Furthermore, how apparent would the curve of the planet's surface be from an average human's perspective? Additional thought experiment: What is the farthest distance two points on the surface of the sphere could be from each other, before two average humans holding two ends of a long cellulose fiber rope located on these points would not be ab
  3. Holy Mackerel, what have I missed. Honestly, a part of me is glad I missed it. Perhaps the "tail" was no property of Mars itself, as might be indicated by its change in length and orientation, but rather of some phenomenon between us and Mars. On the other hand, perhaps the length and orientation of the 'tail" only changed from our perspective, specifically because of the direction in which the magnetotail has turned. What are the thoughts on this? I suggest you research a little something called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Perhaps at that point the ratio
  4. If the story of the senile old couple you posted just before is the evidence of which you speak. Unfortunately I cannot read the story (it requires a subscription, for which I do not have the means of paying), therefore I cannot prove you wrong. Unless you can provide me with an alternative source for this information, one that does not require payment.
  5. When I said you might be more like Thoth than you'd like to admit, I didn't imagine it would be this accurate. Very well, what is this "evidence" you feel so strongly about?
  6. Listen, man, I don't like drama. But on the occasion that you also don't like drama and aren't actively looking for it, I must inform you: At first it seemed you simply didn't know a thing you were talking about. But you appear to have gone off the deep end just now.
  7. I was indeed confused after seeing that. Can't say it's happened to me as of yet, but perhaps I'm simply lucky.
  8. I don't intend to make you, though I do suspect that you've simply realized you don't know what you're talking about and are attempting to cover it up with underhanded denigration. I'm fully aware of this, hence having asked the original question.
  9. Perhaps we're looking at two different grades of metal, or perhaps one of us are colorblind. Either way, I have indeed observed polished metallic elements of all kinds, from silicon, to chromium, even osmium at one point (Osmium has a very peculiar reaction when polished. Can you tell me what that reaction is?). Polished nickel is pale, almost white in appearance when polished. Steel, silver, and elemental silicon, when polished, are substantially darker shades of gray. Aluminum, chromium, and silicon carbide, when polished, have the mirror effect aforementioned. Not because they don't ha
  10. Nickel also would not work, it is too pale. Steel and silver have the opposite problem.
  11. I haven't implied a supernatural explanation of any kind, not once. I agree that everything within the realm of our universe has a natural explanation. What is so supernatural about magnetic field interactions? Do you not believe in magnetic fields? If that's the case, you might be more like Thoth than you'd like to admit. The definition of conspiracy, and this is loosely speaking, is the intent or scheme by an either secret or public group to enact something unlawful or reprehensible. By extent, a "conspiracy theory" is one proposing or theorizing that a conspir
  12. I've always been extremely skeptical of the Copenhagen interpretation. I'm aware of its use in explaining the probability distribution of subatomic particles, but the extent to which the idea has been taken, simply seems unrealistic. I'd very much like to see a mathematical/scientific proof of some kind which more adequately affirms/debunks the veracity of this interpretation.
  13. I must inquire why it is you impose that the tail must necessarily have been imagined, or that the concept of a magnetic field interaction is a conspiracy theory (seriously, are you sure you know what "conspiracy" means?). Are you suggesting there are no possible natural explanations for these things? That simply sounds like giving up to me.
  14. From what I'm hearing, either I'm the odd one out for experiencing this illusion, or you're the odd one out for not having experienced the illusion. And I'm certain that it isn't the former, as my discovery of others who have is what catalyzed the question. Furthermore, photophysically speaking, most mirrors (that is to say, standard glass and chromium mirrrors) absorb less and reflect more of light wavelengths closer to green. If one had no choice but to attribute a color to a mirror, scientifically speaking, the answer would be green. However, in most cases this is imperceptible to the hum
  15. Update: Something very similar appears to have happened about half an hour ago. However, it was not nearly as bright this time around; additionally, the "tail" was much shorter, and seemed to have been rotated a few degrees counterclockwise relative to last time. These two changes having coincided leads me to suspect that a trick of the light might be involved. Any ideas regarding the specifics of such a phenomenon?
  16. Before anything else I must inquire why you've been so antagonistic towards me in the past few days. Do you pick fights with everyone, or do you simply dislike me in particular for some reason? In case you weren't paying attention (which, let's be honest, you most likely were not), I did not ask what color mirrors were. Rather, I asked about the neuropsychiatry of the perception of reflective surfaces. If you're going to pick a fight, at the very least know the fight you're picking. Even those without a detailed grasp of physics could answer that question. If
  17. Congratulations, you've managed to contribute exactly nothing to the question.
  18. Very possibly. I thank you for actually contributing to the topic, instead of picking fights like Montgomery over here.
  19. Precisely what would happen if, suddenly, 87.5% of a given gaseous planet's mass was somehow transformed into pure oxygen, and immediately after, five small asteroids of pure caesium, each possessing a surface area exactly equal to 5% of the gaseous planet's topographic surface area, collided with the newly oxygenated gaseous planet at the same time at equidistant coordinates? Precisely what would be the effects on the astrochemistry and meteorology of the planet, and how would it effect other nearby astral bodies? It's admittedly a vague question with many variables, so I'll provide some spec
  20. What exactly is the difference between ideonomy and epistemology? Are they synonymous, or is there some technical semantic difference between the two?
  21. Generally, when we look at a mirror, we do not attribute a color to it. That is because we are not thinking of the mirror as we look at it, but rather whatever it is we are using the mirror to reflect; therefore, to us, the mirror is the color of whatever it is we're using it to observe. However, presume you had a flawlessly polished ball of some aluminum alloy; one would generally agree, observing this ball, that it is grayish/silverish in color. However, upon closer inspection, it would be revealed that, much like a mirror, it simply reflects all colors around it, also simply being whatever
  22. Question 1: Under what circumstances could life develop on a planet made entirely of gallium? What could be the properties of these lifeforms? How would the results differ based on the physical state of the gallium? Question 2: Same question, but what if it were instead mercury? Again, what properties would this life possess, and how would the results differ between the states of matter? Question 3: What if it were a mixture of gallium and mercury? Again, what would this life look like, and how would the state of matter influence the results? Que
  23. If the entire universe, every single planck, even what is now empty space, was somehow converted into a single type of fermion, what would happen? What would happen differently if it were a different kind of fermion? Additionally, what would happen if it were a combination of different fermions, and how would the results differ between combinations? Would it be possible for life to arise in this new universe? If so, how would the aforementioned variations effect this?
  24. What precisely is the relationship between the properties of the hypothetical matter and the velocity at which they collide after the black hole's death? Additionally, how would the spaghettification the matter would undergo near the event horizon effect this relationship and/or the matter involved?
  25. It is very similar in shape, so it could be a potential lead! However, what I observed was much larger; seemingly several times the length of the star itself just like a comet (and very red in color, also just like the star). However, both meteorology and photochemistry might have a role in this effect. What are everybody's thoughts on this?
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