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  1. Plenty of other animals have shown the ability to trade. Almost all other primates, for example, corvids, squirrels, some cats, some cetaceans. It's very common in the realm of animals with high cognitive function. Snakes, tigers.
  2. If you ask me, whoever owns the land is whoever runs the land; whoever expends/maintains by far the most work and effort to keep the land intact and operating. This isn't always a good thing, however, namely in the case of an owner of land who operates said land with great immorality; in such a situation, I do not believe the subjects of the land have any direct obligation towards those superiors who have succumbed to corruption.
  3. Not ideology, ideonomy. Ideology is the science of ideas, how they are formed, and how they are influenced by things like logic and sociology. Ideonomy is the science of a given idea and its applications and implications towards knowledge, conscience, and behavior. I was simply wondering if that definition and that of epistemology are interchangeable, or if there is a significant however subtle difference.
  4. Why must there be? From what I understand, gravity isn't a force in the same sense that the other essential forces are.
  5. As for the nucleus, I don't think the nucleoplasm would function nearly as proficiently enough if it were stretched into a torus, if that is even possible at all (which I doubt). Rather, I suspect that it would have to have the cytonuclear and cytoskeletal systems similar to a xenophyophore, with different specialized nuclei and centrioles for certain locations. I suspect this could be fixed by modifying the digestive system. Perhaps a specialized glycocalyx or cilia of some kind lining the diametric lumen that, when stimulated, releases digestive enzymes. On the upwar
  6. Eyyyy, that's a good one. Here's a better version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmUDr2DO2is BFG Division is another great Doom Eternal OST; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9GaIbECisQ
  7. The hell are you even talking about? Do you have any evidence for the things you're spouting? And what's any of it got to do with physics?
  8. This is the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and percentage symbols within the notation of a cardinal set... either this is literally gibberish, or it's simply outside my realm of experience.
  9. You must remember that correlation is not causation. Simply because those who more often use mobile devices also tend to have unhealthier spermatozoans, does not mean that mobile devices are changing one's DNA. Rather, it is likely that a factor correlated with one's increased usage of mobile devices is also responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the poor seminal health.
  10. This is indeed true. However, I believe one of the most remarkable and fascinating affinities of the human mind is the ability to overcome these limitations by changing and improving the way we think. As many astronomically complex systems as there are in science that humans could never understand inherently, we've always found a way to formulize them into a form we, with all our limitations, can digest and utilize. I believe this to be true even on a universal scale or beyond. Refer to the above
  11. I think your frustration comes from your question not being specific enough. There are many different fields of science, and while they may all have the same backbones (quantum mechanics), they come with substantially different systems and calculations; and there are more unanswered questions in some fields than in others. There are more unanswered questions in astrochemistry than polymeric chemistry. There are more unanswered questions in meteorology than mineralogy. There are more unanswered questions in neuroscience than hematology. Unanswered questions comes with the territory.
  12. I agree with only two things you've said; that global warming is a threat, and that we need to stop unreciprocated deforestation. Contrary to popular belief however, we don't need to be worrying about the ocean or CO2 output. The earth has released more CO2 into its own atmosphere through volcanic activity and other natural processes than we humans could ever think of even producing. And as for the ocean; it is a self-regulating system. Most of the atmosphere's CO2 is dissolved into the ocean, and much of the planet's heat is also absorbed into the ocean. It gets hotter, polar ice melts,
  13. It seems this has already been answered. Any real scientist would not have the attitude you're describing; a real scientist is always asking questions, always looking for holes in our knowledge to fill. And we fill these holes by researching, hypothesizing, calculating, and testing; using our knowledge to build upon our knowledge. A reasonable scientist wouldn't state a concept as undeniable, unless the concept has failed to be reasonably denied.
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