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Question About The Ozone Layer

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When the Oxygen content goes up...


I think they say that it was as high as 35% at one point in primordial times...


Does the Ozone layer get thicker? All else being equal?





…..Saxon Violence

I don't know, offhand. Some of these interactions can be complex and I am not an atmospheric chemist.


Ozone production is an interaction between O2 and UV light (UV-C and to a lesser extent UV- B ) The flux of this radiation is constant, so once it has all been absorbed by ozone no more O2 will react and a limit will be reached. From what I read, today all UV-C is mopped up by ozone and a lot of the UV-B but not all of it. So that suggests there is a surplus of UV-B today which could permit more ozone to be formed if the concentration of O2 were higher.


However the period in question was the Carboniferous. I did see something suggesting that methyl halides released from forest fires in the Carboniferous might actually have depleted the ozone layer.  


So I do not think the answer to your question is very clear-cut, unfortunately. Possibly this response may give you some ideas for how to research it more thoroughly.     

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Yup.  Production ceased in 1994.  My dad had the can and recharge kit in his garage and no one in the family still has a car that uses R-12.  Mom's 1993 Lincoln Town Car has been converted, my 2 1974 MG Midgets don't have air conditioning, and everything else was made after the change-over.  I have the R-12 listed on Craigslist for $20 since July of 2018 and have had no bites.  R-134a was supposed to be a "drop-in" replacement, but if the compressor oil wasn't changed to a compatible lubricant then the compressors usually failed within a few months.



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