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Robots Caring For Elderly


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Oddly enough there  is a Navajo Poem that goes"


"Earth and Sky Last Forever.


"Old People are Poorly Off.


"Do Not be Afraid."


I say "Oddly" because the Navajo weren't noted as being a Warrior Tribe.


Sadly, the opportunities for counting coup, taking scalps and stealing horses—and proving one's maleness by leaping between the twin horns of danger—are very scarce in the modern world.


The military? Obviously you haven't understood the paradigm. The military has no use for death-defying, glory-seeking daredevils. They're all about—gasp, shudder—"Teamwork" and "Getting the Job Done."


…..Saxon Violence






About the "Need" for contact with "Real" humans...


True, state of the art modern robots aren't close enough to the real thing to fully substitute for humans.


This may not be true any more in 10, 20 or 30-years from now.


Just for the sake of argument—if you had robots that looked as human as "Alita" and acted even close to human in their questions and actions—that might be close enough to human for most if not all Psychological purposes.


Of course, Alita is a bad example. For my purpose, I like that her arms and hands are clearly robotic—but her face is probably a bit too real for us to achieve soon. Picture a face ABOUT as robotic as her hands and arms...




Why does exchemist think that kemeron is a robot?


Is he?

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Hi! Thank you for giving the reference to this news. Yes, the scientists all over the world are working on the creating such types of robots. The main thing they are faced is a optimization for machine learning

 for such types of robots. Anyway, I believe the nearest future they crack the nut! 

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Technology is changing every day. You will remember when mobile phones appeared. Now, analyze in this short period of time how many modifications of mobile phones have occurred. In medicine, It technology has become very actively used. And this is only for the benefit of both patients and the doctors themselves. Intellectsoft has already implemented a number of projects in the field of medicine. The same mobile application developed by the company helps older people to follow doctor’s appointments, etc

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Hold on there, Hazel.


I wrote something, not some thing.


There is a difference between the two!


Something is a pronoun. Something means an unspecified object or concept. In fact, something may very well mean replacing those Filipina nurses with Chinese nurses in which case, the interrelationships of human beings is preserved.


On the other hand, you wrote "some thing" in which  some is a determiner and thing is a noun. Used in that way, it may describe some thing is under the bed and not human, as in a horror flick.


It is a subtle difference but still an important one.


Of course, I do understand your thread is about replacing the human-human relationship with robots which are indeed  things but I don't really see that happening very soon, but it is certainly the way things are trending.

Right now when you are an in-patient at any modern hospital, you find yourself hooked up to a variety of patient monitoring machines that are best described as "robots" and the nurse only comes around when she hears one beeping. So we are seemingly on our way inevitably to full robotic care. Who knows, it might even be better that way?

The same thoughts were going through my mind as I read.  Sometimes I think patients have been turned into 'some things".   You have a good point - if the robot doesn't run out of power because some human behind the scenes doesn't keep the robot charged up -- too busy playing games on his "black ear ring"  (cell phone).


And maybe the robot would see that you get some exercise every day.  Five days without exercise can be hazardous to your health. 


I just may change my mind.   Pray that whoever teaches the robots what to do doesn't teach them to ignore the patient.

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Does anyone else see the sadness in this?   Scientists developing soft robots who can be caring for the needs of those in their "golden years".  (quotation marks mine).




I think my dad would want a sex one. :lol:  :lol:

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