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If one reads the rest of the Eddington's publication referenced above, it makes it quite clear that he was well aware of the vast number of unexamined assumptions embedded in any world view and understood the critical issue standing behind the underlying problem.

After considerable thought, he defended placing the problem into philosophy and outside the interest of physical scientists.  As Eddington saw the issue, the development of those signs and indications are the necessary opening assumptions and simply can not be avoided.  He thus defends the professional scientists avoidance of the issue as the only rational approach.
Roughly 50 years ago I saw a route around that issue and have since tried to communicate my thoughts with utter and complete failure to date.


Maybe Eddington also realized that a mathematician is not a "physical scientist."


As I've said elsewhere with regard to special relativity, Minkowski should have stuck to math, and Einstein should have stuck to physics

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Understanding reality first calls for breaking out of the propagandized state of delusion under which Americans are living. Stick to the basics and eventually y'all will learn to demand your piece of that American pie.




It's the equivalent of elementary school arithmetic! 


That's reality, and it's more on topic here than your spam on Political Science threads. Right? And not to suggest that I don't appreciate the traffic over there.

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