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Most Comfortable Theistic Identity

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If there was a dictum of the State that you must endorse at least one form of theism, which of the following would you endorse and why ?


1. Intelligent Cosmos as G_d without form (postulated by the likes of Spinoza, espoused by eminent personalities like Einstein).

2. Anthropomorphic gods like those in Hinduism or Buddhism. (more the former than the latter).

3. Energy sources like Fire which is deified in Zorastranism. (Fire has practically infinite longevity and is the fifth state of matter). (highly ionized plasma).


Which do you endorse 1. 2 or 3 or an integration of any combination of these ? (eg. the Roman god Mars - controlled by his planetary namesake, expressed through a hard masculine identity, and evidenced by his perpetration of, sometimes excessive violence.).  :out: 


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