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Hi ,my Qualifications And Personal Characters


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Hi ,I graduated from mathematics (BSc) and after enrolling MSc to same programme ,I have left because of economic matters.

But actually I did not be so much worried at some events relevant this. 

As I reserached , after a level ,this should not be compulsory to continue educationa at somewhere. that doctrin says that it would be possible and also great.

I will respect other ones' ideas. but I would continue independently anymore. almost all part of My life has been very difficult  

so ,I do not like to study mostly theoritic anymore. I am interested in engineering.

I have some engineering projects and try to to do something with them (patents - publishing - vending)

I am 27 years old.

I believe that I have a bright ability to think somethings perspectively.


I read some instructions at the rules page , it was containing this information "this is soft sience forum"

but I will try hard science. so ,if this last information is conflict with the forum's rules,I request any moderator to inform it to me.


Many thanks. 

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thanks for your idea.

I do not know the requirements ,but gain this might be a preference.

I am interested in hard science and my goal would be making development in science (engineering).

actually interestingly  have not had a job long time. it would be good idea to learn requirements about the job you remarked above.

the best thing will be waiting the result of assessment ,I am preparing the first project and will submit a popular journal.


patent institutes requires long term and a bit hard conditions as I know. however ,my porojects require observations and experiments ,so I do not know the truth whether I may patent any of my projects.


Thanks Dear cascabel. 

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