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I am interested in making the Nerve Gear but I believe that the main problem with developing it is the 'writing' part.

What I mean by that, is the transfer of information from the Nerve Gear to the brain.


So I made this topic to brainstorm the possible ways of doing this.

The important part to remember is not to try and make it like the nerve gear (Therefore just thinking of non-invasive methods) but just to make it work.


So to start it off.


As another member said:

I think its near impossible to stimuate individuals axons, so we are going to have to stimulate entire nerves.

E.G. If a feeling is supposed to be felt on the fingertip, stimulate the nerve(s) of the entire finger.

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That's interesting,weamy. Have you ever considered the idea of having arrays of stimuli that stimulate clusters of nerves that all serve the same function? If there is ever an in depth study done that's purpose is to determine which group of nerves are responsible for certain actions, then that can be used to determine how to program the arrays of stimuli.

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Interesting. I think one of the main questions here is "Are some parts that we need to stimulate, underneath other parts?"


Because if so, we'll probably need to use invasive methods.


We also need to think about what stimuli would be the best. Because I don't think electromagnetic waves (like in the anime) will cause a depolarisation in the neurones.

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Well, one person suggested on the original thread(the one that caused the creation of this forum) of using nanowires to stimulate the nerves.


Well, if you say frequency, it must mean some sort of wave. Perhaps EM waves can cause stimulation.


For stimulation to occur, you need depolarisation of the neurone membrane. And this needs to the sodium voltage-gates to open. (I assume you know how action potentials are generated).


Can waves cause the sodium gates to open?

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