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Paralyzing With Sound Or Electrodes

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im jacob i know a sound above 20 khz and below 20 hz will temporarily paralyse someone. this can also be done with two electrodes on the base of the neck. a hacked mind flex converts the eeg signals into serial data with the arduino uno (what is used to hack the thing) takes the pre mapped serial data and turns it into commands for custom software to control avatar in game. a camera on top and bottom of the 7 inch display reads face and projects it onto in game avatar. as the electodes are on the neck you can still speak. a regular headset will be the mike and headphones. the on off switch will be a snap on and off lamp wich i have tested and can be trned off by ckicking with your tounge. 


i need help with the software and programing i know what i need the programs to do but not how to write them. 

the electrodes on neck "scramble" neurons going to the rest of the body.



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thank you. the research originally in this was for human machine interfaces. but it soon evolved into a full dive vr design.


an example of the programming would be: if 5694 is received send G

an example of this controlling the avatar would be: if G is received do action 3 

action 3 would be to open thumb.

that was not actual serial data.

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Welcome to hypography, Jacob. Please feel free to start a topic in the introductions forum to tell us something about yourself.


Also, please, please read and follow the site rules, especially the one about backing up you claims with links or references.


im jacob i know a sound above 20 khz and below 20 hz will temporarily paralyse someone.

Support this claim.


I’m almost certain it’s false, because sounds above 20 hz (cycles per second) and above 20000 hz are common in nature, and artificial sound systems. I suspect you’re repeating a myth – this coming from the 2008 science fiction movie Iron Man, which had a scene in which main character Tony Stark is paralyzed by sound. Although powerful sound at many frequencies can be so painful that it incapacitates people, sound can’t paralyze people in the way shown Iron Man. (see How does the paralyzing device used on Tony Stark work?, Wikipedia article “Sonic Weapon”)


this can also be done with two electrodes on the base of the neck.

Again, try to support this claim.


I don’t think you’ll be able to, because you appear to be confusing sound, which is vibration in gasses, liquids, and solids, with electricity, which is the flow of electrons. Electrodes are used to conduct electricity from and to animals and plants – they don’t transmit sound.


i need help with the software and programing i know what i need the programs to do but not how to write them.

For US$100-200/hr, a skilled programmer will do anything you ask. However, software, even “hacked”, can’t do make hardware do the physically impossible. Just imagining that something will work and posting about it in a forum is not enough to assure it will. You need to understand the basic science involved well enough to know the possible from the impossible.


I think the best thing you can do now, Jacob, is study and learn until you can write sophisticated computer programs, and understand the underlying science of the things in which you’re interested. Understanding is not something that can be done for you – you must gain it yourself.

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if u noticed i posted those probably would not work. however i tried for hours on end to find info to support my theories. but there is the proof     


 Best Answer:  Yes, it is possible to do that with hypersonic sound waves (pressure waves at above 20 KHz -- upper limit of human hearing), or even infrasound pressure (signals below 20 Hz). Everything happens in the brain and its "inputs" are not limited to just the normal hearing range (20 Hz to around 20 KHz). The bones (especially the skull) will conduct pressure waves into the brain that can completely bypass the ears. Indeed, the brain and brain fuction can be influanced by such pressure waves. 

The thing to keep in mind is: the brain response to complex wave form signals (EEGs) and does not responsed to signals that are sine wave and linear in nature (broadcast transmissions). If it did, we humans could not survive in our current (RF signal filled) environment. If a hypersonic-wave signal is "modulated" in a nonlinear fashion, it is possible to influance and, maybe even control, brain and bodily function remotely, from afar. It is within the scope of current technology to literally "tune" into an individual's nervous system and cause them to experience, say, a heart-attack without leaving a trace of physical evidence as to its cause. 

See: infrasound: Definition ... 

Acoustical Society of America ... 

Point-'n'-Shoot Sound Makes Waves 

And these very same effects can be created using high-frequence RF such as microwaves.
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the electrodes on the base of the neck would be powered with ac current which would either "short out" the control of muscles or you would be paralyzed from the ac current traveling though all muscles, but this one is my personal theory which is why i shunned it as it probably would not work


i said nothing about electromagnets because even if it would work with electromagnets the magnetic field would fry the electronics.

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The weapon you mention does not cause paralysis, but extreme discomfort. However, focused ultrasound can be used to prevent signals traversing nerves, as detailed by this study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2752482/


However, this isnt very useful for VR, full recovery of the nerves can take days if a full block is needed. Potentially useful as an anesthetic in the medical field though.

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