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Paralyzing With Sound Or Electrodes

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if u noticed i posted those probably would not work. however i tried for hours on end to find info to support my theories. but there is the proof


Best Answer: Yes, it is possible to do that with hypersonic sound waves (pressure waves at above 20 KHz -- upper limit of human hearing) ...


And these very same effects can be created using high-frequence RF such as microwaves.

This is a good example of why we must always be mindful that not everything on the Internet is true.


You’ve found the best answer to the Yahoo! Answers page “Is it possible to paralyze someone using super sonic soundwaves?” – but you cut off your copy before the critical




Which means that the author is offering nothing to support his claims. Though they provide 3 links to other webpages, none of these support the claim that you can paralyze a person with sound.


The weapon you mention does not cause paralysis, but extreme discomfort. However, focused ultrasound can be used to prevent signals traversing nerves, as detailed by this study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2752482/

This is a good example of a relevant scientific paper.


If you read it carefully, however, you will find that the paper is about the effect of ultrasound on nerves in vitro – that is, removed from the animal – and concludes that the effect on these nerves is due to the heating effect of the ultrasound, not a mechanical, vibratory effect.


Nerves function due to a fairly delicate biochemical process in which sodium and potassium ions are transported in and out of their long, tubular structure. The usual way to disrupt this is with inhaled or injected anesthetic drugs that interfere with the channels nerves’ ion channels, or change the concentration of these ions. Other mechanisms, such as heating with ultrasound or microwave radiation, can cause this disruption.

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look i put those up as ideas. true full emersion is on its way and my designs are the stepping stones. my designs before the end of 2016 alone will go through many revisions. from 2009 to now i have been studying human machine interfaces. if the theory i had, which might not work,if these theories of mine do not pan out into something then we could use brain imagry an already existing technology to control in game avatar.



and also all theories posted are going to be tested on me like sound peralysis electrical peralysis and electromagnetic peralysis. ANYONE READING THESE FACTS AN THEORIES DO NOT ATTEMPT

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I'm not sure what you intent to do with that technology, but you may be interested that sound waves also can stimulate brain neurons (specifically the microtubules).

You may want to watch this interesting video by Dr. Stuart Hameroff (anesthesiologist) on the effects of specific sound waves on brain function.

the sound part @ 32:00 of the lecture.

The company developing the technology:


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