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The market is always changing, one day everyone is investing in cars, for the company car types at the beginning of the year, the next they are buying into winter warmth. it is tricky to predict, but sometimes obvious to observe what you could have done.


Now, how do we spot trends? if something starts going up, maybe some mad man has decided to sell his farm and move to the rural areas? maybe some 'boy' has inherited his father's business and decided to sell it? all this selling means the activity goes up - counting the amount of money changing hands in that sphere, yes?


So, if i were to suggest that everyone invests in wet suites just before summer, that would be obvious. what are the knock on effects of this? well, sun tan lotion, towels, racks for boards, ice cream... the knock ons are overwhelming!


So, whenever you see a market movement, think of the related things of that market or product before everyone else does! that is all my advice for now.

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I've read a lot about markets. I'm not an expert by any means, but I do work for experts (currently working at a mid-level hedge fund). I've read what I could get my hands on for the past 8-9 years or so. What you're saying is not a good strategy or idea. The best move is a long-heavy buy-and-hold well-diversified (across sector, cap-size, geography, and financial vehicle) portfolio. For stocks specifically, low-cost broad-market ETFs are the way to go.

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