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  1. Well, you obviously share something in common with someone else, be it a home, a state or a planet? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love
  2. Don't you guys think that prejudice is about relay cultures? it comes from where you see others that you think of as peers openly dissing others of another type of people. this fear makes us prejudiced! it is all about peer pressure. So, to get rid of racism and prejudice, we need to get people to repeat things that are nice about other types of people, or, broadcast it in the media, over and over. hell, even a sign outside a shop that an old lady sees everyday would do the trick!
  3. The market is always changing, one day everyone is investing in cars, for the company car types at the beginning of the year, the next they are buying into winter warmth. it is tricky to predict, but sometimes obvious to observe what you could have done. Now, how do we spot trends? if something starts going up, maybe some mad man has decided to sell his farm and move to the rural areas? maybe some 'boy' has inherited his father's business and decided to sell it? all this selling means the activity goes up - counting the amount of money changing hands in that sphere, yes? So, if i were to s
  4. Okay, a little school and a little work? how does that sound? how about, school for four days a week, work for three? All that is expected of the typical person is that they can read, write and count. these are the skills typical to anyone who wants a job, a typical job, of course. the wealthy people will be the ones able to afford to send their kids to college, yes? naturally ironing itself out.
  5. Well, this be heading wrong is righter than the wrong of contaminating the lives of many into a murderous venture.
  6. Do you have a better realistic plan? let me punch holes in your for a change?
  7. Well, if someone is caught killing someone else in the west, they go to jail and get into a life of organized crime. here they deal, do and make drugs. then, they have to kill other people in jail, sometimes. these times amount to far more than the amount of be-headings there are. torture is the same, heard of water boarding? they do not cut off things if they don't need to. this is the tip of the iceberg.
  8. Okay, can you point out where i was wrong, as, i did say something?
  9. Have you guys heard of this game or fantasy? it is where pilots fight in huge robots. i think this should become a reality, because, tanks cannot travel through jungles and mountains, but things with chicken legs can! then, they don't use jet fuel either, maybe using a electric engine will do it? i know with the state of robotics in Japan and China, this will be easy to do. What do you guys think?
  10. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/22/saudi-arabia-king-abdullah-dies It seems that this new leader will carry on in the vein of his brother. i suppose that he was a good king, because we never heard any bad news about him, and, if i recall correctly, he allowed women to drive 'unattended' at one stage. I find him much like the pope in terms of influence. people should give more attention to the royal family of Saudi Arabia if they want to change things there. i am not talking about telling them what to do, i am encouraging debates and dialogue. i know that Saudi Arabia is very t
  11. Okay, how would you go about cutting a huge chunk out of disease in Africa, South America and Asia?
  12. When will the near east be in a state of peace? i find that it is the Palestinians and people of the Gaza strip that are the aggressors. why do they kill Jews? why do they hate Jews? is it like they are Americans nearby? is it like they have taken something from them? if they were to visit the holy sites, or live next door to the holy sites, there is no real difference. they must go on Hajj once in their life times, and that includes traveling. do they launch rockets at those people too? Why does Palestine need rockets? why does Gaza need rockets? there is no threat from Israel - the authori
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