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An Old Trick Of Mine...

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Have you guys ever noticed how we can break words up into syllables and work out what a person is saying really? if you were to want to know, not the 'message,' but the way the person is approaching the 'topic' or whatever, then you need to break it up in this way, and find the real way the person is thinking. this could help you win your debate, yes?


For example, if someone was to say; "i am hungry on Tuesdays." then you could break it up like this;


I, ia, amhu, mung, angry, rye, yonder, choose... i hope you get it, yes?

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I have no idea what you are talking about. I assuredly do not get it. What a person is saying really is based upon synthesis, not analysis. That is to say, it is the combination of syllables into words, words into clauses, clauses into sentences and sentences into paragraphs that creates meaning.


Are you suggesting that someone who says "I am hungry on Tuesdays" is actually meaning that they are angry about having to choose some rye that is over yonder? If not, what do you mean?

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