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Breeding Horses Instead Of Building Cars


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I’ve heard claims like these, but perhaps because the only car I have is fairly old – a 2000 year model – which has no such functionality, have not seen any support for the claim. Do you have a link or reference supporting the claim, ErlyRisa :QuestionM


Most modern cars – ones younger than about 1995 – are indeed marvelous in how little maintenance they require compared to earlier ones, but in my experience, while a modern car often will last 10 years while traveling over 100,000 miles with no maintenance beyond keeping the tires inflated properly (though even with this, 100,000 miles is bit longer than I’ve ever seen even expensive modern tires last), this isn’t a good idea, because completely unmaintained cars fail much more often than ones that have had minimal periodic maintenance – just engine, transmission, and wheel lubrication and engine air filter changes. A 10 year/100,000 mile car maintained this way, or not at all, is in my experience a bit unsettling to drive, as its suspension bushings wear so badly they handle sloppily, even in a straight line.


I’m not familiar with the laws where you drive your car, but I’ve not had this problem in the US state of Maryland. The oldest car I’ve had in this jurisdiction was a 1978 VW, but I didn’t have to pay any penalty to drive it as late as 2006 (when I gifted it in 2006 to someone more willing than I to keep up with its considerable maintenance), just make sure it passed an exhaust emissions test every 2 years. Despite having a smaller motor – 2 L displacement, producing perhaps 90 HP – than my 2000 Ford’s 3.8 L 200 HP, it had much higher emissions, but needed only to meet the limits for its year and model, not those for a newer vehicle.


I’m curious about your experiences being penalized for having an inefficient vehicle, EarlyRisa. What vehicle were you penalized for driving, and when and what were the penalties?


If you’re clever with your purchases and do your own maintenance, cars cost very little – I drove one for years that I bought for US$250, and kept fueled by people without cars who needed rides.


Horses, likewise, can be practically zero cost if you have enough pasture for them. If you want to ride one very much or on anything but soft ground, though, you’ll either need to know how to trim and shoe it, or pay someone who does, which costs around $600/year. If you ride an unshod horse much, or on hard dirt or pavement, it’ll go lame, a terrible, cruel thing to do to a horse.


If you need to travel much, though, horses aren’t nearly as good as cars. I’ve driven a car across North America in less than 48 hrs. The fastest anyone’s done that on a horse in recent history, I think, is 150 days – see here for details.



150 days: That's pretty good!

Modernised Horse maintenance would include Nike or Reebok Air slippers for the horse...a new economy.

Taking 150 days to get somewhere means appreciation for travel goes up, and Hotel/motels would be more accomodating.


Business trips eg.


In my business it used tobe that it took me a month or more to create my product...it only takes a day now, and quite literally I donot see the piont in my services (my product can be printed at location), and my product specs can be reverse engineered via tracing already existing products located nearby.


Now I donot need to tell my current customer base that It only takes me such a short period to create thier product...so I can exchange the time it took me to make the product for delivery times. The only way to make my life interesting is to take weeks too deliver the product, and with modern communication connectivity and freindship, I can have sleep overs along the way (In other words I would be living in a Western movie where my product is over valued and highly prized (like what gold was))


Making my own car is what I was referring too (building one from scratch would cost less than the engineering reports and registration overheads)...and no one would let me drive a timber based car...nor would they let me put wings on it. ie even if the tech for chitty chitty bang bang existed then it would be outlawed. PS I know how to make a chitty chitty bang bang vehicle.


Electronic resets and log book servicing. I haven't owned modern cars either...but if you look around, simple mechanics are dying because they can't afford the tooling required to service multiple models, so only conglomerate type mechanics exist...where the only thing they do is replace spark plugs and oil filters...after which they have too "reset" the computer too tell the engine that the parts are new (of course it's possible too reset and not change the part) This is not advertised knowledge, it's an inhouse racquet, and the small mechanics are starting too become more vocal about it's existence: of course the salary man mechanic is the professional bsartist  that knows how to sell the 'need' for log book servicing (Some car manufacturers will revoke warranty if the vehicle is not taken in) Software developers have taken suit and are copying the car manufaturers model for continuing thier existence, eg. Accounting software, and some games are trying to instill a system into using thier game eg. Linden Dollars. to buy collars for your virtual poodle.


Modern cars and 10years: Alot of people are changing over almost annually now. Remember your parents and thier parents - one car for the family that outlasted the mortgage. Imagine the average owning only one car for thier entire lifetime: They would go nuts. The car has become the poodle...a fashion statement, that has nothing todo with energy consumption, and has everything todo with driving the economy. eg. The Hummer: Most have never seen dirt...and the wives of the people that drive them are the most vocal about the environment -- what morons. (They are also the ones that go on the most flights and have to live in air-conditioned environments)


I bring up horses because I know that the typical office style person is the last that would be able too live that lifestyle; and the last time the populous started to become too comfortable in doing absolutely nothing and getting away with it, the Dictator usually would send these people off in droves to work the rice/cabbage/potatoe fields.


The Horse is the office worker...let's band together and ride them to the glue factory.

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