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How Does Music Make You Feel?


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Music is a peculiar thing. Some songs pep me up...some relax me...some make me sad...some make me sick.


In simplicity, music is just an arrangement of musical notes. However, I guess one needs go a step further. Since a 4 year old child banging hands on a piano, while someone writes it out, is an arrangement of musical notes. So, I guess it must include, pleasing to the ear(s). At least to the listener's ear(s).


I enjoy multiple genre's...yet I really do not enjoy every song from any given band or artist. The closest I come is the Rolling Stones or Led Zepplin perhaps. I enjoy almost all offered.


I can state with confidence...when a song changes my mood from negative, to positive...I realize just how powerful music can be to us humans. For that I am very thankful:)

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There is an essay here by Oliver Sacks, the neurologist, on music and its power over our brains.: https://academic.oup.com/brain/article/129/10/2528/292982


This was written in 2006 and what strikes me about it is that, although the different effects of music and their remarkable power over the human mind are reviewed at length, there is almost no theory to explain why music has such a powerful impact. 


I was pleased to note he confirms my impression that musical preference is highly individual. This accounts for why I detest the imposition of other people's music on me when I am shopping, eating, sitting in my back garden in the summer, or  - a new gimmick - as an accompaniment to radio programmes, something I find redundant, distracting and thus annoying. I love music, of certain kinds, but I need to give it my full attention. 

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Ex, that is one good article, ty! It mentions Arthur C. Clarke and Elvis (the king) so that is a bonus. I saved it for future reading again.


I always felt sad for those lacking hearing ability. I assumed that they may feel like oddities amongst those that can hear. Then one day I thought about the cosmos. To the best of our knowledge most of the universe lacks sound...at least as we understand it. Empty space and inside stars do not appear to make sound. When I think this way, it is us (those who can hear) the real oddities. Those lacking hearing more closely resemble what is normal in The Cosmos.


Either way, I wish all could enjoy music as it is intended! Same with all human senses...especially vision:)

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