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  1. Perhaps better worded to say, "mass and possibly volume when density is unchanged (density as a value)? I mean, volume does not necessarily increase right? Mass does and either volume or density increases?
  2. Those are good quality reference url's, Victor. TY
  3. Ty for such a prompt response Gahd! I am fascinated by new state of the art methods. I have been reading a lot about superconductivity (also superfluidity). Room temperature solutions would be great to lower energy consumption from what I read. Resistance, as you know, in an electronic circuit can cause waste. TX again!
  4. I hit a paywall ($31.50). Is there any free publications available (that you know of)? Or is it hot off the press and only available to read for a fee? Seems very interesting either way! Especially for remote and under developed nations. Do you think this would still work in regions like Anarctica where science stations reside? Thinking of regions that have long periods of darkness sometimes. Silly me cannot remember if I have that backwards...those regions may have periods of too much daylight?
  5. Ex, that is one good article, ty! It mentions Arthur C. Clarke and Elvis (the king) so that is a bonus. I saved it for future reading again. I always felt sad for those lacking hearing ability. I assumed that they may feel like oddities amongst those that can hear. Then one day I thought about the cosmos. To the best of our knowledge most of the universe lacks sound...at least as we understand it. Empty space and inside stars do not appear to make sound. When I think this way, it is us (those who can hear) the real oddities. Those lacking hearing more closely resemble what is normal in The C
  6. Exchemist, First I apologize to TK for inserting my question to you here, I hope it is not bad form. Question to the pro (you). My whole life I have heard about a styrofoam cup discarded in the environment can last 10k years (from memory). Is that true? Is it because it's white and reflects light poorly (thus not aiding in decomposition)? Could the pigment be changed darker and promote earlier decomposition? Or, is their an alternative chemical composition that would break down quicker? TX in advance and again, TK...I apologize.
  7. Music is a peculiar thing. Some songs pep me up...some relax me...some make me sad...some make me sick. In simplicity, music is just an arrangement of musical notes. However, I guess one needs go a step further. Since a 4 year old child banging hands on a piano, while someone writes it out, is an arrangement of musical notes. So, I guess it must include, pleasing to the ear(s). At least to the listener's ear(s). I enjoy multiple genre's...yet I really do not enjoy every song from any given band or artist. The closest I come is the Rolling Stones or Led Zepplin perhaps. I enjoy almost all
  8. In the USA many cities have used incinerators for decades. I always wondered if they capture the heat energy and use it for boilers (water) and extract thermal heat out of it. I know you said not physical...but using a chemical reaction, as you offer as example, is physical. Also, a shoe example can be very useful despite you not meaning it to be a solution in your thread. I always appreciated the idea of taking old auto tires, punching out a right/left sole footprint and making a useful sandal product. Last, I thought landfills (unrecycled trash) were intended to go under a chemical ch
  9. Ralf, Could you elaborate on what, "clock handoff" means or how you are referring to it please? I am struggling with applying in in my mind. TX
  10. How about antimatter as an energy source? In principle, I conclude that clusters of antimatter may exist within. Or outside, our observable universe. Clumps, pockets, nebulas or however you state it. Undiscovered/undetected by today's technology. I understand there is no observation evidence...we do not observe annialations of matter-antimatter in our view of the Cosmos...not even remnants of annialations. Still, maybe an abundance of antimatter exists out there?
  11. I embrace the notion that a higher level, way more advanced civilization, could accomplish, "Perceived Time Travel" on local scales. Like a Kardashev level 3, 4, 5+. Simply, it would resemble rewinding a VHS, or dvd, and replaying it forward. ***Warning*** I have non mainstream thoughts often, this response is one of them. Two things are essential to do this: 1) The complete information of a local system. Every atom, down to the quantum level (or further), every neuron...all information as it relates to the system. 2) The ability to arrange every atom...every neuron at will. In today's
  12. What if they fall in love on the web? MatchDotCom? I met my darling wife the old fashioned way...in a bar;););)
  13. Maybe this url helps. May be a conspiracy theory but who knows for sure. Being underground does prevent satellite imagery detection of events taking place (visible light spectrum anyway). "Some People Believe Wyoming is Actually a Secret Military Base" https://mycountry955.com/some-people-believe-wyoming-is-actually-a-secret-military-base/
  14. No. I will have to search for an url. There is very little info. in cyberspace if I recall. I learned about it on some pop conspiracy show years ago. They could only get to the entrance from a distance. I'm nearly certain it was Montana or Wyoming.
  15. I would like to know what is under that mountain they dug into. Evidentally, it is huge with large rooms and miles of tunnels. I think it's in Wyoming or Montana. I bet that is where the super top secret stuff is...out of reach of satellite imagery.
  16. I enjoy Chronicles of Riddick the most. I know it's down the list for many (maybe not on the list at all, lol). I like it though. Then Inception, Interstellar, Hellboy, The Martian, Star Trek movies and series, 2001, 2010, Prometheus and Alien Convenant. Few more I forgot.
  17. Gotcha. That makes perfect sense. I think I am going to take your advise. Perhaps morning coffee and incremental reading. Possibly print it out and highlight key points as I read. That should help in my retention level. I have short term memory issues at this point in life. Long term is fine but short term suffers. Edit: meant to mention that trying to read it on my galaxy s7 phone probably does not help with eye fatigue. The computer screen and/or full page printouts should be better. Maybe even a tablet for bedtime reading. Ty again!
  18. Wealth distribution in today's society is an issue as you brought attention to. Utilization is the biggest problem in my opinion. Most of the world's wealth remains idle...selfishly hoarded whole seeking further roi (return on investment. Sure, part of the reason is so their family generations will benefit and be, "set for life". Still, a part also exists that us simply greed and wanting more. Enough...sadly, is never enough. I understand philanthropy individuals do exist. I imagine not all actually sincere though. Tax and accounting strategies are motivators often. Lol, often large donatio
  19. Your diagram makes sense. If lc occurs in either x or y, surface defection angle remains constant. In addition, if lc occurs in both x and y (equal amounts), again surface defection angle remains unchanged. Angle appears to possibly change only when x and y are altered by differing values. Do I have this correct?
  20. I wish I had more endurance...getting older has me off my, "A" game. I simply cannot read and retain. Not the fault of you or the author...is my own (medicines/ usually bring the early fatigue last few years). Is there anyway you can summarize (more than you have)? I have tried three times but admit, I am not capable, start to finish, reading that pdf. I know my limitations. I am interested in the content though if possible reduced downward. If you already summized as you see fit, I am going to try and bite at it again over several weekends. Ty for posting it. It is not a, "Kick to the curb
  21. A, "tidbit" I did not know. /file in the mental vault
  22. In today's society, I think money establishes hierarchy. Sadly so. I imagine ancient tribes (with no, or minuscule monetary means) established hierarchy differently...perhaps, strength, hunting/gathering ability, etc. I judge people by their actions so wealth status means nothing to me. Unfortunately this does not influence society around me or in the world (to any significant or measurable degree:(:(:(
  23. Almost any word that begins with the letters, "PH". Phantom, Phoenix, Photon, Phone, Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Phase, Photo, Phalanx, Physics, Pharoh, Physician, Photosynthesis, Photocopy, Phenomenon, Photography, Physique, Phosphate. Awesome words!
  24. Can you simplify your statements further? Expand and/or provide more detail and definition? I need this so I can understand and follow the thread effectively. TY
  25. Impressed...sounds like you know your stuff bud. Only thing I know about, or heard about, is the ddos acronym. I remember when it starting slowing down gaming servers way back when. Not sure how they prevent it now a days. Maybe like you said, by throttling down (assuming that means choking off some data pipe).
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