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  1. If you are worried you can speak to your doctor about it. He/she can certainly give you an idea of whether it is a good idea to speak with a therapist. and could help ease your worries. What you are going through may be totally normal and you just need someone to talk with to help you sort through your feelings.
  2. A new mobile printer that is small enough to carry in your pocket is up on Kickstarter. It's called a mobile printer and small enough it fits in your hand. You can print from your laptop, computer or mobile phone by Bluetooth and this little printer will move across the paper printing what you send it. It's really interesting.
  3. Abe40, the moon will be setting in Africa during the eclipse so it will not be visible to Africa or most of Europe. You can probably find it somewhere online where they will post during or after the event. I read it on the CNN website.
  4. There will be four total lunar eclipses in the next year and a half, on April 15 and October 8, 2014 as well as April 4 and September 28, 2015. All of them will turn the moon a coppery red during the eclipse, giving it the name of a blood moon. It will be best seen from North American and will occur around 2:00 a.m ET.
  5. It doesn't affect our servers at work as they aren't open-source. I was a little worried about the bank we use, until I found out we were okay. The fact that they've known about this for so long and did nothing about it is disturbing.
  6. Do they not have a medication that people with Lymphedema can use to reduce swelling, other than compression bandages and massages? It's really odd that they aren't even sure of what can cure it.
  7. I didn't realize they used laser surgery to remove them now and I'm guessing it's only external hemorrhoids. Do they still do the internal hemorrhoids with conventional surgery? I've had hemorrhoids but never severe enough for removal.
  8. Well, drug companies will not tell you that an alternate medicine can cure or help with diseases or even the common cold. If they did they wouldn't be making the billions they make from orthodox medical practices. You would have to try alternative medicines yourself to see if they work.
  9. That's a really interesting article and I can see how this can turn out. They already create patches that release medication for hormones, help you stop smoking and other medications, why not add electronics that can read information from your skin. This is the future of medicine and health. A small patch put on your arm under a shirt.
  10. A little bit of germs builds a stronger immunity. You'd be surprised how many people use the paper towel trick, I use the handle then use hand sanitizer. Even the shopping cart handle at the grocery store is full of germs.
  11. Are you talking about the volcano in Ecuador, Rainman? It's situated on the Ring of Fire and seems to be pretty active. The villagers don't seem overly concerned about it and are going about their daily business.
  12. When you are listening to music what feelings does it illicit? Does it relax or excite you? My daughter listens to music to focus her attention when she is doing tedious work. My son listens to music to relax. I'm a little of both, depending on my mood and what I'm listening to. What about you?
  13. Wow that is really cool! A little scary too to think they could have been hit.by those rocks. If they were coming from space they would be moving at an incredible speed and would have caused a lot of damage to them or their parachutes. He is lucky.
  14. My son seems to get cankers often. Someone told me it's a version of cold sores but in the mouth. It seems to happen if he drinks juice too often or eats a lot of really acidy foods. They are painful and he doesn't like to eat when he has them. The doctor said he couldn't explain why my son gets them.
  15. I love fresh vegetables and wish the rest of my family did as well. I sneak them in when I can, mix them with pasta, stuff them in chicken and make casseroles with cheese on top so they eat it. Eating good and healthy can be expensive depending on what you buy. Some foods are pricier than others.
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